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Ted’s Woodworking is a compilation of over 16,000 woodworking plans created by Ted Mcgrath, a very popular woodworking artisan. The woodworking plans are for the home and includes plans for cabinets, tables, chairs, dog houses, storage sheds, bird feeders, greenhouses and even outdoor furniture.

For one single payment, you will get:

  1. Instant access to all the plans.
  2. Instant access to online video tutorials.

And 3 bonuses:

  1. The Bonus Woodworking Guides
  2. DWG/CAD Software
  3. 150 Premium Videos

You can also opt to receive the entire package in DVD format.

In addition, purchase includes an entire year of personal communication with Ted Mcgrath and lifetime access to the membership area on his website.

Each woodworking plan comes with:

  • Detailed dimensions, both in metric and imperial units.
  • Thorough instructions on how to commence the project.
  • Cutting plans
  • Full list of tools needed to complete the project.
  • A material list that includes cost estimates. So before you have even begun a project you will have an idea of its total cost.

See what else is included here. 

What are people saying about it?

Ted’s Woodworking is one of several woodworking plans available online. Yet a fact that was mentioned many times was that Ted’s Woodworking vastly outshone the competition in both quantity and quality.  No other product came close to offering as many woodworking plans. Nor did they offer the detailed step by step approach, which guided you from start to finish.

However, the sheer volume of Ted’s Woodworking was also seen as a hindrance to some buyers. 16,000 plans are a lot of plans. For novices, they simply did not know where to start. But as many pointed out, Ted’s Woodworking is categorized very well and it was easy to navigate.

The skill levels required for the plans are not the same, which means not everyone will be able to complete any and every project. Your project choices are limited within your skill set. However, the key to this is becoming proficient at each skill level and working your way upwards to more difficult projects. This also guarantees a better finished product because your skills will get better with every completed project.

The included tips and techniques were a huge help. They saved time and money, and reviewers were grateful for them.

Reviewers also praised the easy to follow instructions and especially loved the full colour illustrations.

And if there were any questions to be asked, reviewers had personal access to Ted Mcgrath and other woodworking enthusiasts via the membership area on the website. There, they were able to interact with each other, asking questions and sharing their concerns and achievements.

Ted’s Woodworking is simply one of the best woodworking guides you’ll ever come across. It is meticulous in details yet simple enough to follow through to completion. And with over 16,000 woodworking plans available, the value is simply too great to pass on.


Woodworking is an ancient human tradition, depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics and once the only means of producing wooden furniture and structures before the days of machines. There still remains a big market for handmade woodwork, as people appreciate unique items and the skill it has taken to produce them. Due to the demand in handmade woodwork, items can be pricey and so embracing this skill as a hobby is a great way to have quality pieces tailored to suit your needs. Here are some general tips on starting woodworking as a hobby.

  1. Find a space where you can carry out your projects. For smaller projects, the kitchen table might do just fine, but ideally a dedicated space such as a shed or outhouse is preferable. This way, you can have all your tools and plans easily to hand.
  2. Protective clothing. Lose fitting clothing can easily get caught, so wear fitted clothes with an apron over the top to protect you from spills and wood shavings. A dust mask is essential to protect you from inhaling dust particles and eye goggles or a face shield should be worn to protect your eyes from any harmful chemicals and wooden chips. Finally, ear muffs are essential to protect your ears from noisy power tools.
  3. You’ll also need some basic tools: a drill, sander, a combination square, a claw hammer, level, block plane, hand saw, chisels, spokeshave and a utility knife. Of course, the more projects you do, the more tools you’ll require so it’s best to buy as you need until you naturally build up your tool kit. Buying as you need will also spread the cost, especially if you have nothing to begin with.
  4. Read around the field. Online forums are a great way to get some inspiration and advice from fellow woodworkers for free.

Where to buy and download

To qualify for the bonus material and 60-day money back guarantee this information pack must be purchased via its official website.

Any questions or comments about the product? Leave a message in the comment thread below.

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