Text the Romance Back Review

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What is it?

Text the Romance Back 2.0 is an update on the original successful eBook which extends and enhances guidance on how to rekindle the spark in any relationship through the unique medium of text messaging. Devised by internationally renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore, the 30 day programme claims to give easy to follow steps on how to construct texts which help to keep the magic alive, whether just dating, in a long distance relationship or married. Michael Fiore’s comprehensive guide claims that women can expect to see results after just a few days using methods compiled after years in the profession.

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How does it work?

The philosophy of Text the Romance Back is centred on the fact that women and men perceive romance in totally different ways. Fiore explains that whilst women prefer the traditional conception of romance, men view it as a game or a challenge to be completed. By providing customers with a supposedly ‘fool-proof’ list of text templates to send to their partners or husbands,the guide claims to help women ‘unlock’ the secret romantic within their man and therefore reignite and sustain the passion originally felt at the beginning of their relationship.

Whereas Text the Romance Back 1.0 was directed at long-term relationships and married couples, this follow-up package has been modified so as to also apply to singletons whilst dating and meeting potential partners, meaning that Michael Fiore’s expertise is universal. In addition, Michael Fiore has been explicit in emphasising that whilst the programme is most effective via text message, the techniques can be applied in other forms of communications technology; including instant messaging, email and even telephone conversations.

Marketed as the only programme of its kind, Text the Romance Back offers a cheaper and supposedly more permanent solution to restoring relationships when compared with costly romantic dinners, weekend getaways and the expensive hourly rates of relationship counsellors. Considering that it merely requires a cell phone and the ability to follow a simple, step-by-step guide, Text the Romance Back claims to have the ability to be easily inserted into modern life for long-lasting results.

What are the techniques used?

Michael Fiore claims that his patented techniques, identified below, help to create a ‘Relationship Time Machine’; a way in which women can take their partners back to the passion felt during the so-called ‘honeymoon period’.

• Appreciation Texts
• Sensual Compliment Texts
• ‘Text Massage’ Tips
• Distance Destroyer
• Digital Telepathy
• Digital Foreplay

Bonus Features

In addition to the Text the Romance Back eBook, upon purchase customers are also afforded access to an audio training CD version, a personalised worksheet, a progress crib sheet and an exclusive copy of Michael Fiore’s Facebook Romance Secrets. 

Buyer Reviews

Reliable blog posts and user-created forums seem to highlight that although those in long-term relationships and married couples have recognised the results of Text the Romance Back in their reviews, the most impressive results seem to have been enjoyed by long-distance partnerships. Due to the fact that the manual is focused entirely on text communication rather than face-to-face contact, it is far better suited to those who live far apart or regularly take overseas business trips.

This unique aspect of Text the Romance Back has also proven to be successful with those undergoing contentious periods in their relationship. Several women have commented that the manual has been effective in providing an alternative medium of communication where direct conversation often leads to arguments and fighting.

Some reviewers have been critical of the way in which Text the Romance Back is promised as a ‘magic formula’ which can be used to reignite any relationship. Based on the available reviews, a more realistic assessment of the programme is that it may be effective for many, but not all individual situations. For example, where infidelity has caused issues in a relationship, Text the Romance Back alone will not be enough to repair the damage, but can be used successfully alongside other methods.

Is it a scam?

Whilst the many hugely positive testimonials and customer reviews of Text the Romance Back online may be misleading and placed for promotional purposes only, on the whole it can be discerned that although the programme may not be a failsafe, ‘miracle’ for all relationships, it has substantially benefited a number of couples. In addition to being recommended by blogs and forums, the programme has been featured on the primetime Rachael Ray chat show to an audience of millions, as well as by Fox, Web MD and NBC. Furthermore, customers have been willing to trust Text the Romance Back due to the prestigious reputation of its founder, Michael Fiore, who enjoys high profile status in the US as a relationship coach.

Where to Buy and Download

Customers interested in Text the Romance Back are able to download the eBook in PDF format. In order to benefit from the bonus audio content and the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Text the Romance Back from the official website.

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