The Ballet Bible (The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina) Review

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What is it?

The Ballet Bible is an ebook by Anita Leembruggen that is designed to assist beginners improve their ballet. Anita explains on her website that she started ballet as a teenager and thus found it difficult to keep up in a class where the dancers had been practicing for years. After unsuccessfully trying to find an instructional guide book to compliment her classes, when she finally became a ballet teacher she decided to create one for her students.

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Buyer Reviews

There is a no doubt that there is a market for a thorough instructional ballet guide, as the threads on independent forums reveal. The problem is that since learning ballet is very much a practical rather than theoretical skill, reviewers quickly learnt that this ebook alone is not going to solely allow them to become an accomplished ballerina. The 60 video bonuses however were a big help, as it meant that beginners could watch the fluidity and grace of professional ballerinas that isn’t translated in still photography.

At 200 pages long, this ebook is a useful guide to use alongside ballet lessons. Reviewers particularly found the photographs useful, as they were able to visually see a correct posture verses an incorrect one. Of course, some said that they could already identify these differences, and rather they needed guidance on how to implement them. Whilst the ebook aims to instruct on this, there is of course no substitute to a professional ballet teacher who can personally guide you.

Many of the reviewers for this product were already accomplished ballerinas, and were actually purchasing it in order to use as a teaching tool for their students. This is testament to the quality of this ebook, and presentable layout that allows readers to digest the information easily.

Those who were disappointed with the program tended to be neither a beginner nor an advanced ballet dancer. They were at the stage where the practical side of their ballet needed the most attention, and thus learning terminology and looking at basic movements and postures added little value in their attempt to improve.

Is it a scam?

On the independent forum, many ballet dancers were sceptical of this ebook, with many commenting that teaching yourself ballet from a guide book simply wasn’t practical and therefore labelled it a ‘scam’. However, as one lady pointed out on the thread, this guide is to be used to compliment ballet classes. This ebook targets those who are new to ballet, and would benefit from some extra guidance on technique and posture. Advanced ballerinas are unlikely to find this book personally beneficially but the guide is a useful and thorough tool for beginners to be used by both the students and their teachers.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 8 week money back guarantee, you must purchase The Ballet Bible from the official website.

How does it work?

The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina is a 200 page ebook with information on:

• The history of ballet
• How to choose a ballet teacher
• Terminology
• Photo diagrams of how not to do a movement or posture
• Poor habits to avoid which can weaken muscles and joints
• The 6 primary feet positions
• The 9 arm poses
• How to tie pointe shoes
• Stretching, warming up and warming down

The program also comes with three bonuses:

1. A 30 minute audio interview with Grant Davies from RG Dance: includes information on how to pursue a career as a professional ballerina, tips on improving your level and ballet exams.
2. The Ballet Bible Audio Terms and Definitions Software: Learn how to pronounce all the terminology correctly
3. The Ballet Bible Quick Reference Videos Software: includes 60 videos of ballet technique.

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