The Burn The Fat Body Transformation System and Inner Circle Review

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Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Body Transformation System was designed for losing fat and building muscles within a 49 day period. With his academic knowledge, gained from his BSc. degree in Adult Health and Fitness, coupled with years of bodybuilding experience, Venuto developed a system that is tailored to specific body types and the result is rapid weight loss.

Tom Venuto believes that people often mistake weight loss for fat loss. He maintains that body composition is much more important that numbers on the scale. Burn The Fat is based on William H. Sheldon’s, a certified and renowned psychologist, assertion that there are three different body types and each body type responds differently to particular foods and exercise. Using Sheldon’s findings, Venuto’s method jump starts the body’s fat burning mechanism by being selective with nutrition combined with an exercise regimen. To learn more about the program, the bonus material and the 60-day money back guarantee click here.

For one single payment, you will receive:

  1. Instant online access to The Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation System and Inner Circle
  2. Burn The Fat 7-Day Body Transformation Quick Start Program.
  3. Coaching from Tom Venuto.
  4. Burn The Fat Q & A knowledgebase and article library.
  5. MP3 and audio streaming interviews and podcasts.
  6. Nutrition calculators.
  7. Delicious fat-burning recipes.
  8. Access to the mind and motivation department.
  9. Science and research reviews.
  10. Inspirational fitness and weight loss success story interviews.
  11. Access to over 20 members-only Burn The Fat discussion forums.

What are people saying about it?

Tony Venuto is well known for his all natural stance and buyers appreciate the program’s zero policy on using supplements and pills.

The ability to tailor the fat loss program to a person’s specific need and body type was seen as a favourable thing. You will learn how to eat for your body type: the foods you should consume and the foods you shouldn’t.

Burn The Fat system does not deprive you of proper nutrition. Reviewers stated that the absence of a low calorie diet made the program much more realistic in terms of sticking with it and reaching their goals. It is well documented that restrictive low calorie diets result in more water loss than anything, and once you resume a more normal pattern of eating, the scale shoots up again. Also, hunger pains will only be discouraging, decreasing your chances of succeeding.

Eating properly and exercising regularly meant an increase in metabolism. This is exactly what is needed to burn fat effectively. Reviewers noticed this, along with higher energy levels.

The forums were seen as a network of support systems. Buyers got the opportunity to interact with people who were facing the same problems they were. For anyone struggling with weight loss, a support system plays an integral part in one’s overall success.

At first, the change in lifestyle will be difficult. You’ll be eating new foods, maybe some you’re not familiar with. You’ll be exercising regularly, maybe something you haven’t been doing. The process will take time and it will require dedication.

Burn The Fat is not a new program. It has been around for many years and there are plenty of people who have proven that it works. It has truly been tried and tested, and has convincingly passed. Once you stick to the program and follow the rules, favourable results will be achieved.

General Tips on Losing Weight

People seem to be searching for a golden nugget of information to help them lose weight and the truth is, eating healthily and exercising are the only two nuggets you’ll ever need. Diets and exercise programs and guides are just tailored versions of these two principles. So for anyone who’s keen to start shaping up and feeling better, here are a few general tips to help you get started.


  • Listen to your body. Some people may feel bloated after certain food types, so it’s important to recognise which foods your body responds best to. Which foods leave you feeling satisfied and fuller for longer? As a general rule, natural whole foods such as sweet potatoes, pulses (like chickpeas) eggs, vegetables and nuts will do this.
  • Drink plenty of water. We so often mistake thirst for hunger, so it’s important to stay hydrated. It also helps flush out our systems.
  • How much to eat? And how frequently? These are the questions that baffle many of us. Again it comes back to listening to your body. Some people may find eating several small meals works best for them, whilst others may want to stick to the traditional three meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Ideally you should stop eating just before you feel full, but whilst you still feel satisfied.


  • Ideally you should try and do 30 minutes of exercise a day– even if it’s just walking to work.
  • It’s also important to get your heart rate up from time to time, so try and do at least one intense workout a week, whether that’s weights in the gym, a run in the park or some laps of the swimming pool.

Where to buy

The product comes with an 8 week money back guarantee, to qualify for which, you must purchase from the official website.

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