The Carb Nite Solution Review

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What is it?

John Kiefer’s Carb Nite Solution is a downloadable diet programme which works by harnessing fat-eliminating hormones through targeted carb loading. As a physicist, John Kiefer formulated this new approach to dieting by studying the effects of carbohydrates on hormone levels. By consolidating medical and scientific research, the programme advocates a zero carb approach for 5-7 days followed by 1 carb-loading evening per week in which dieters can eat any junk food they like. Marketed for anyone who wants to lose fat cells whilst retaining muscle tone, John Kiefer promises immediate weight loss results which can be sustained in the long term.

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Buyer Reviews

Dieting is indisputably now an integral part of many peoples’ lives and it seems that new diets are featured in the press each week. Due to this, online fitness and health communities are continually discussing the most effective diets for fast, sustainable weight loss.

It is clear that the majority of reviewers were originally drawn to Carb Nite Solution as it allows dieters to indulge in their favourite junk foods one night per week without inducing guilt as it is fundamental to how the diet actually works. The programme recommends feasting on high-carb treats such as pizza, doughnuts and chips in order to initiate an insulin spike which is required in the harmonisation of hormone levels. Clearly, this is attractive to dieters with a sweet tooth who want to lose weight but still crave the freedom to snack on the weekend.

The reviews have certainly not held back on how uncomfortable the period of ketosis is whilst abstaining from all carbs. After the insulin spike brought on by the one night of carb-loading, insulin levels will drop hugely and this has reportedly caused many dieters to feel significant discomfort and bodily imbalance. However, users have commented that these side effects do subside in time whilst the body gets used to the new dieting regime.

John Kiefer’s protein-based recipes have proved to be one of Carb Nite Solution’s main successes, with many reviewers commenting on how they have enjoyed learning new ways in which to incorporate protein powder into everyday foods. This has been especially useful for people who are not used to eating meals focused upon protein ordinarily.

Is it a scam?

Evidently, diets promising immediate and impressive weight loss results which are premised on weekly carb-loading are bound to arouse some suspicion. Indeed, a good number of users have commented that although they had strictly followed the regime for weeks, they were yet to lose any weight and therefore abandoned the diet. Others reported that they lost a few pounds during the first week and then failed to sustain any more fat loss. These customers have questioned the entire scientific basis for the diet and simply advocated a healthy, balanced diet in conjunction with regular exercise as the ultimate weight loss solution.

Claims that Carb Nite Solution may potentially be a scam have also been strengthened by a small minority of reviewers who have stated how difficult it has been to get their money back following a request for a refund. It is apparent that in order to activate the money back guarantee, users are required to submit numerous forms and correspondence which in turn takes a long time to be confirmed. It must be noted however that all of the individuals concerned did receive their money back after completing the application forms.

Where to buy and download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase the Carb Nite Solution from the official website.

How does it work?

The Carb Nite Solution is premised on John Kiefer’s scientific research which suggests that by manipulating leptin levels through carb-loading, dieters can also take advantage of the metabolic benefits of a low-carb eating regime. Each week, dieters are recommended to spend one evening indulging in junk food in order to initiate an insulin spike to reset hormone levels. During the following period of ketosis, the targeted fat eliminating hormone is increased and weight loss is facilitated.

The programme is outlined as follows:
• Step One: The body begins losing water weight within a few days and this small success acts as a great motivator to continue with the regime.
• Step Two: After a few weeks of weekly carb-loading the body becomes lighter and more energetic.
• Step Three: The body continues to shed pounds of fat and fitness levels are attained.
• Step Four: Upon reaching the ideal body after a few months of strict adherence to the diet, users are free to continue with the regime or gradually withdraw from it.

More about ketosis-based diets
Ketosis is the metabolic state within the body whereby energy is burned directly from fat, rather than from food. Low carbohydrate diets are therefore often referred to as ‘ketogenic’, as the restriction of carbs often induces ketosis. In addition to aiding weight loss as proven by a 2003 meta-analysis from the New England Journal of Medicine, carbohydrate restriction has also shown to combat type II diabetes and atherosclerosis according to Wikipedia.

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