The Complete Grape Growing System Review

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The South African winemaker, Danie Wium, has produced a comprehensive guide that promises to tell you all you need to know about cultivating wine at home. As well as the guide, the package comes with bonus videos on developing a frame and pruning the vines, the starter pack, a diary and 12 months free email coaching.

As the guide is downloadable you can buy it worldwide with no delivery wait required. It’s available for a one-off fee with the option of a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get the product for a discounted price, from the official supplier, by following this link.

Buyer Survey

On the whole, reviews from buyers surveyed were positive. People found the guide very informative with excellent advice and suggestions on all parts of growing your own wine, from preparing the land, to setting it up and right through to harvesting. One reviewer, with a degree of experience, said she found Danie’s insights on the best way to grow grapes really helpful with many suggestions that she had never heard before.

Do you need a lot of space? Well, some people had a good patch of land but others confirmed they were able to grow grapes successfully in their backyards – so not really. And while temperature isn’t really an issue, you will need to cultivate your grapes in an area with sunlight (the guide is useful in recommending exactly which varieties you can grow in your given climate).

Reviewers loved the easy to understand descriptions and the language used. It explains the technical jargon that winemakers use but it doesn’t bamboozle you in any way. Some of the people who commented explained that they were either complete beginners or they had tried unsuccessfully in the past to grow wine and they thought it was perfect for the complete novice.

Interestingly, I noticed that a number of reviewers were from places like New Zealand and Bordeaux, which are big wine-producing areas. My thinking is that if they were happy with the product then it’s a something of a recommendation in itself.

Other features that people really liked were the photographs and the detailed information on how to construct fences and trellises and how to train the vines. Apparently, it leaves no room for confusion.

The Complete Grape Growing System also shows you how to boost your grape growing production using techniques that Danie Wium has tried and refined over his 20 years as a wine producer. He says that in your second year his pruning secrets will help you to boost your harvest by times ten. Is that really possible for all areas? Well, it’s difficult to know, but I couldn’t find anyone who disagreed.

On a side-point, several people praised the quick response time when they had a query – describing it as ‘tech support for grapes!’ It seems like a pretty appropriate description.


The package is suitable for anyone interested in growing wine, from beginners to semi-experienced winemakers. If you have the time, access to space and sunlight, then this is a good value option to help get you started in the wine growing world. To learn more about the product you can visit the official supplier here.

What is the cheapest way to get this product?

Complete Grape Growing Sale PriceYou can get the product from the official distributor with access to all of the bonus guides and 12 months free support by clicking on the box to the right. This will give you the full product while still getting the full 60-day money-back guarantee.

And if you have any questions you can visit the official site, or alternatively post a comment on the comment thread below – we’d love to hear from you!

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