The Family Survival Course Review

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What is it?

The Family Survival Course is a digitally downloadable eBook programme which aims to prepare Americans against future natural disasters, civil wars and economic crises. Using the expertise of Jason Richards, one of the world’s most renowned survivalists, the course claims to offer comprehensive but fool-proof guidance which guarantees survival during some of the most extreme national emergencies imaginable. The Family Survival Course also draws upon tactics used by the military so as to educate ordinary US citizens on how to protect themselves and their families against food shortages, martial law, home invasions and rioting.

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How does it work?

Experienced survivalist Jason Richards, author of the Family Survival Course, compiled the eBook in order to prepare American patriots against impending threats to the country, including extreme weather disasters and nationwide financial collapse. Richards’ military background and input from John Lahan’s survival training school help to create an intensive guide which aims to take ordinary people step-by-step through each stage of disaster preparation.

Richards explains that the initial premise of the course is founded on what he believes to be the widespread naivety of the American public regarding the ever-growing threat of disaster. Richards attempts to highlight that certain economic meltdown is imminent and inform the public of the dire consequences of not taking heed of the potential emergencies. The course also asserts that those who mistakenly believe they are sufficiently prepared are actually in a worse-off position than those who are ignorant. Richards is of the view that over 95% of the survival information available online is not effective and if used, will actually contribute to lack of food supplies, the ransacking of the family home and the improper use of firearms.

The last, and most practical, section of the eBook employs essential tips and tricks to survive the aforementioned threats. As the Family Survival Course is suited to both beginner and advanced survivalists, the guide makes sure to cover all bases.

The Family Survival Guide covers:

• The 34 miracle foods which can nourish and sustain indefinitely – all for under $300
• Failsafe bullet protection
• How to keep the military/police from entering your home
Stockpile luxuries whilst the rest of the country is rationing
How to exploit a living source of water – 100% free for life
Winning the mental game of survival – ‘The Superman complex’
• The $50 medical kit
Turning your home into a personal bunker

Is it a scam?

The efficacy of the Family Survival Course will undoubtedly always be met with cynicism as we have not yet faced a disaster of the magnitude described in Jason Richards’ guide. It is therefore difficult to determine how successful the eBook actually is in helping people to survive disasters. In addition, it is unclear how Jason Richards is informed upon the exact threats facing the USA, without any insight into government intelligence or global finance markets. These two concerns have led some sceptics to label the course’s claims dubious on community forums and blogs.

However, the programme has been positively endorsed by many ex-military professionals as being the only complete guide for survival in the 21st century. Survival novices have also commented that the Family Survival Course is easily accessible, even for those who are approaching disaster preparation from a completely clean slate. Reviewers seemed to really like the universal application of the course, highlighting this as one of the key advantages when compared with similar programmes on the market.

Customers have been quick to counter the criticisms outlined above by stating that although the full extent of the advice has not been tested by a real life scenario yet, Jason Richards’ guidance has significant practical benefits.

Reviewers have especially liked the sections on how to adequately stockpile foodstuffs, use firearms safely, use electricity without generators and mentally prep for a disaster. Many have commented that, most importantly, they feel confident and psychologically prepared to protect their families, which helps to put their minds at rest when worrying about the future.

Whilst the majority of customers gained valuable insight and knowledge from the Family Survival Course, some did acknowledge that the programme is not for the half-hearted. The course takes significant time and commitment in order to fully implement, therefore it is suited to those who are 100% dedicated to preparing completely in case of an emergency. The guide could certainly be dipped into for ad hoc tips on the types of food in which to stockpile and help on fitting out a panic room, the reviews suggest that those who have felt most secure have followed the course wholeheartedly.

Where to Buy and Download

Customers may easily and instantly download Jason Richards’ Family Survival Course in its PDF eBook format from the official website. The digital download can be read on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Those preferring a hard copy for emergency access may even print out the guide at their own convenience. Those who are not 100% satisfied with their purchase have a full 60 days in which to obtain a full refund only when they buy from the official website.

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