The Fat Burning Furnace Review

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Developed by Rob Paulos, The Fat Burning Furnace is an eBook weight loss program that promises to melt away fat by increasing your metabolic rate and gaining lean muscle. Paulos, who was once obese, designed the program based on what worked for him.

There are no illusions with The Fat Burning Furnace. It is based on the solid fundamentals that nutrition, exercise and a change in lifestyle for the better will result in weight loss, a stronger body, higher levels of sustained energy, and an overall improvement in your quality of life.

The Fat Burning Furnace comes in 3 different levels.

This is the package for Level 1 – The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate:

  1. The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate eBook.
  2. 1 Full Year Of Email Coaching
  3. 1 Full Year Of Product Updates
  4. Fat Burning Surface Ultimate Success Toolkit
  5. 13 Metabolic Killers Report

Buyer Reviews

The Fat Burning Furnace has been well received. People who completed the program were really excited about their results. And that’s certainly a great sign for any weight loss product.

The Fat Burning Furnace is not time intensive, at only 15-20 minutes 3 times weekly. It can be fitted into any schedule, which works great for the busy professional, mom or student. It even works well for the person who is not that much of a fitness buff but just desires to be healthier.

Rob Poulos does a great job at explaining the ins and outs of his program. He illustrates the how and details the why. You’re not left in doubt. He walks you through everything. For a beginner, this is very valuable.

Reviewers indicated, that unlike other diets on the market, The Fat Burning Furnace advocated eating smarter, not necessarily less. A plus for many who had previously failed with fad diets. Eating healthy foods and eating sensibly kept their energies and motivation up.

Poulos changes up the routine regularly. Not only does this lead to better results because your body never becomes complacent with a routine, but reviewers were not bored. The program was dynamic and that kept their interest.

There are varying levels of fitness and difficulties in the program. Therefore, beginners would start at the easiest and work their way towards the hardest. Gaining more endurance and shredding more fat and pounds as they advanced. For persons who already had achieved a certain level of fitness, they had the option of jumping in at their current fitness level, while still reaping all the benefits of the program.

The shortness of the exercise routines deceived many. While they are very doable, they’re not exactly easy. Poulos created the routines to work as many muscles as possible in the shortest amount of time. Many reviewers complained of sore muscles the following day. Some for weeks. But as they say: no pain, no gain.

While Poulos covers dietary requirements in depth, he does not provide a meal plan or a list of recipes. However, he does point you to online sites for this purpose. Many reviewers did not like this at all and would have preferred the information directly.

Additionally, reviewers did not care for Poulos sale pitches of his supplements. Some flatly stated that it was rather annoying.

The Fat Burning Furnace cannot be done without gym equipment or the use of a gym. An investment in either is needed to start and complete the program.

Where to buy and download

The Fat Burning Furnace can be purchased from its official website with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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