The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Review

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What is it?

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge is a downloadable eBook training programme which promises golf enthusiasts that they can perfect their swing in a matter of weeks. Through his extensive scientific research and hours spent on the golfing green, qualified physiotherapist and eBook author Alex Gairdner dismisses claims that perfect golfing technique requires expensive, custom-fitted clubs. Instead, the Golf Swing Speed Challenge recommends 4 distinct training requirements which gradually helps golfers to achieve longer and straighter drives. As a result, Alex Gairdner is confident that golfers will lower their scores, develop a pain-free swing and generally enjoy the game more.

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Buyer Reviews

Many reviews of the Golf Swing Speed Challenge can be found through online sports communities and golf blogs, the majority of which are generally positive. It is clear that enthusiastic golfers are always seeking out new ways in which to perfect their game, especially where these new methods involve minimal cost. Reviewers certainly found the eBook programme to be a favourable alternative to splurging on a brand new set of top of the range clubs, whilst also finding the techniques easy to implement and effective on the whole. Despite the success some of the users have experienced after practising the various exercises, many have still highlighted that the promotional claims promising users that they can expect to increase their drives by 44 yards in just 56 days are unrealistic.

On the official website, Alex Gairdner is insistent that the programme is suitable for everyone and this is supported by the reviewers. As the PDF guide and the video demonstrations outline the very basics of swing technique before building up to an advanced level, even those who are very new to the game can get the most out of the training.

Irrespective of how positive the reviews are, some commenters have emphasised that an eBook can never be a substitute for physical golf lessons, however detailed or comprehensive.

Where to buy and download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase The Golf Swing Speed Challenge from the official website.

How does it work?

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge is not only geared towards helping golfers dramatically increase their swing speed, but also their swing technique in general. In order to achieve these aims, the programme focuses on re-hauling golfing technique from the ground up, regardless of experience.

The eBook harnesses Alex Gairdner’s academic and professional experience as a physiotherapist, explaining how to achieve the ultimate golf swing through science. Whilst conducting his research, Alex discovered that for every 1 mph of clubhead speed, you gain 2.2 yards; therefore by utilising clubhead speed, golfers can expect to deliver longer and straighter drives.

In order to achieve this goal, the eBook programme and video demos are divided into 4 different techniques which can be successfully mastered in the comfort of your own home, without the need for expensive, specialist equipment. The Golf Swing Speed Challenge is marketed towards people of all fitness levels and its daily exercises can be completed within 30 minutes, even whilst multitasking.

What’s included?

Upon purchasing the Golf Swing Speed Challenge, customers are also entitled to download the following free eBooks and bonus video material:

• A Video to Brainwash Your Mind for Increased Swing Speed
• 10 Detailed Swing Drills for Longer Drives
• The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Elite Edition

More about golf swings
The majority of golfing enthusiasts would agree that the professionalism and success of a golf swing depends on precise timing, exact physical mechanics, the grip and positioning of the hand, as well as the positioning of the feet. Studies conducted by physicists and mathematicians have even attempted to formulate equations which authoritatively outline the scientific basis for the perfect golf swing (Nesbit and Serrano, 2005). Each golf swing must correlate to the type of stroke required for each play, i.e. whether the hole requires a chip, pitch or putt.

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