The Holy Grail Body Transformation (Tom Venuto) Review

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What is it?

The Holy Grail Body Transformation is author and bodybuilding expert Tom Venuto’s second fitness programme directed towards those wanting to shed fat whilst gaining muscle simultaneously. The successor to the acclaimed Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, this updated body transformation routine expands upon the concepts of cyclical dieting and nutrient timing through an illustrated eBook and accompanying mp3 audio files. Tom Venuto distinguishes the Holy Grail Body Transformation from other fitness programmes because it is premised on body composition transformation as opposed to fat loss alone, making it ideal for athletes and competing bodybuilders.

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Buyer Reviews

Given the importance placed upon body image in modern times, the sheer number of online health communities and fitness bloggers is unsurprising. When looking to reviews of the Holy Grail Body Transformation, it is clear that many customers were initially attracted to the programme due to the fact that it promised to retain and enhance muscle through weight loss.

Whilst most people opt for diets designed to burn fat quickly, those who are more dedicated to their bodies in either an athletic or competitive sense are evidently more concerned about the tone and composition of their physiques. From this, it can be deduced that this fitness regime is more suited for professionals, rather than those wanting to shed a few pounds for summer.
Long-time fans of Tom Venuto’s books have commented that this latest programme has more grounding in science than the others and is therefore more legitimate. Users have also found the clinically proven methods contained within the eBook to be far more educational than other diets which simply advocate clean eating and regular exercise.

One key point highlighted by many of the reviewers is that the Holy Grail Body Transformation is certainly not for the faint-hearted. It is apparent that in order to achieve results, those seeking the perfect body will have to invest a significant amount of time, energy and dedication. Due to this, Tom Venuto’s programme is recommended only to those serious about weight loss and toning.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase The Holy Grail Body Transformation by Tom Venuto from the official website.

How does it work?

Tom Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation focuses upon the complex biological and chemical interactions between nutrition, training, metabolism and hormones. Whereas conventional dieting encourages fat loss through calorie counting and strenuous cardio, this programme harnesses the power of cyclical dieting and nutrient timing so as to trigger specific processes within the body.

Unique fitness and dieting concepts comprehensively expounded in the programme include:

Energy Partitioning: The key to impelling the body to drive protein and energy into muscle cells whilst also pulling calories out of fat cells.
Hormone Manipulation: Achieve maximum hormonal control for maximum muscle growth.
The 4 “X Factors” of simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss

What’s included?

The Holy Grail Body Transformation by Tom Venuto is comprised of a 109 page eBook and 3 ½ hours’ worth of mp3 audio files. In addition to the scientific basis for the weight loss methods, the programme also offers users an 8-point cardio power plan, 8 carb-cycling menu plans and 4 calorie calculators.

Upon purchase, customers are also invited to take advantage of exclusive bonus material, including:

• The New Bodybuilding Workout eBook
• Burn the Fat 2.0 Superfood Data Base eBook

More about weight loss and fitness
According to meta research published by, the global weight loss industry in 2014 was valued at $586 billion. This demonstrates that people are growing more concerned about their weight and general physical appearance than ever, with many continually on the lookout for the next fad diet or quick fat loss solution. However, instead of simply wanting to shed some extra pounds, consumers are increasingly interested in ways in which to achieve a lean, toned physique, with the rise of pilates, weight-training, interval training and barrecore demonstrating the desire to appear strong, rather than skinny.

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