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Many people dream of winning the lotto and with mega million jackpots, the dream keeps getting bigger and more enticing. But the reality is that the odds are always stacked against you in a lottery.

So how do you get a break? How do you tip the odds in your favour? If only by a little bit.

Larry Blair, a mathematics professor and supposed 3 time lottery winner, claims to have a solution that will give you better odds. In The Lotto Black Book, he will teach you how to use Mathematics and Statistics to identify a number pattern that will surely raise you odds. Click here to check for any ongoing promotional offers related to this product.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Lotto Black Book costs $96.83. This is a single payment.

What Are People Saying About It?

The Lotto Black Book teaches you how to play intelligently and strategically, not just by going out and purchasing a huge amount of tickets.

You do not need to be an advanced mathematician like Blair but some form of Maths knowledge is required. Blair’s method includes some calculations.

In the early days, The Lotto Black Book received many positive reviews. But then a shift occurred when a group of people, some who were his peers, denied his claims. Some people put it down to envy, whilst others believed the group.

However, Blair did something unexpected and unconventional. He did not offer any more evidence to support his claim (he said he had offered enough), but rather offered another real life example of someone who had won the lottery many times in a row. Blair introduced us to Joan Ginther.

Joan Ginther is an avid lottery player, who has won the Texas Lottery, not once, not twice, not three times but four times in a row. Each jackpot was worth millions of dollars, making her a multi-millionaire many times over. But what is most interesting is Joan Ginther’s qualifications: she is a former mathematics professor and a professional statistician with a PhD from the prestigious Stanford University.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Experts interviewed believed she had developed a system, stating that her wins were too close in years – she won the last three times in a five year span. And she had won in the same lotto on all 4 occasions. This is something The Lotto Black Book advocates, studying and playing the same lottery game. This will increase your odds.

The lottery system Ginther played used an algorithm to determine the jackpot numbers and where it was distributed. However, these seemingly random numbers are in fact rather predictable but only to someone with advanced knowledge of statistics like a mathematics professor.

Once the code is cracked, things become more predictable. Of course, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to winning lotteries but all that is required is for the odds to be in your favour. And a predictable sequence definitely achieves that.

So what does Joan Ginther have to say about all this? She has not commented or offered a single explanation.

There are other cases where Mathematics, specifically Statistics, have been used to game the system such as the Maths whiz kids who won thousands in Massachusetts lottery several times. So despite the naysayers, it is possible to develop a system that will better your lotto odds.

But it must be noted that increasing your odds at winning does not equate to a guaranteed win but the likely probability is surely enhanced.

Also, buying one ticket won’t cut it. Buying several lotto tickets also increases your odds but it’s only meaningful when combined with a strategic plan. This method may need to be repeated several times before a win.

Playing the lottery is a gamble, and even with a system in place, it will always be a gamble. So a decision will have to be made by you whether you will be a part of it or not. With gambles, there are always risks no matter how diminished but there are also great rewards.

Lastly, reviewers felt that the price of The Lotto Black Book should be less because it’s only one book and no bonuses are offered.

Is It A Scam?

There is really no direct answer to this. While some users claim that they have won with this method, it has not been a huge jackpot. However, quite a number of users claimed they reached as high as 3 or 4 out of 5 numbers in a draw many times. Is it coincidence? I’m not sure, but with a 60 day full refund guarantee, there is really nothing stopping you from assessing the method for yourself. If you’re not satisfied or realise the method isn’t for you, you can return the product.

Where To Buy And Download

In order to qualify for the 2 month money back guarantee, along with any promotional offers, you MUST purchase The Lotto Black Book from its official website.

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