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What is it?

The Magic of Making Up is a comprehensive programme designed specifically for those seeking to reconcile with an ex-partner after a painful break-up or divorce. Formatted in the style of a downloadable eBook, the Magic of Making Up draws on unconventional methods devised by its creator, T.W. Jackson, which claim to alleviate the stress of break-ups and unite couples within 60 days using an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. His approach is centred on simple tips and tricks garnered from years of life experience and claims to eliminate the need to seek out the help of costly marriage or relationship counsellors. Click here to see the latest promotional offers and pricing for this product. 

How does it work?

The Magic of Making Up is premised on the idea that by using subconscious methods of human psychology, no relationship is impossible to resolve. Although T.W Jackson advises that the customer must use their own judgment as to whether the relationship should be salvaged or not, he claims that the programme can be applied to ALL situations; even in cases regarding ex-convicts who have been incarcerated for many years or where husbands have had multiple affairs. The make-up techniques are also uniquely applicable to those who have not yet separated, but want to strengthen their relationship and keep their partner when going through a rough patch.

Whereas the majority of the relationship self-help guides on the market focus on the typical ‘30-day no contact rule’ where the individual is advised to work on themselves before attempting reconciliation, the Magic of Making Up gives a far more proactive stance using the ‘Love Recipe’. The eBook compiles T.W Jackson’s proven techniques which have been developed in his time living around the world gradually learning about what ‘makes people tick’. His international reach and universal appeal has therefore helped 50,117 couples from an impressive 77 countries.

In addition to helping couples get back together and stay together, the guide also claims to cure the agonising break-up symptoms of loss of appetite or binge eating, depression, unwillingness to leave the house, constantly texting your ex and negative thinking leading to low self-esteem. It is for this reason that those seeking relationship help are advised by Jackson to start using the programme as soon as possible after the breakup has occurred in order to maximise the results and benefits. By addressing these issues first, customers can then move onto the next stage of the guide which steers them away from making the common mistakes people usually make after a relationship ends. These include needlessly apologising, begging to be taken back and promising to change.

The eBook is formulated so as to work immediately using the following methods:
The Fast Forward Technique: instant relief from breakup symptoms within minutes.
• Identifying the tell-tale clues that your ex wants a reconciliation.
The Clean Slate Technique: learning to forgive and forget after multiple affairs
• Breaking the pattern of negative behaviour which leads to marital/relationship difficulties.
The Instant Reconnect Technique: a way into your ex’s subconscious which tricks them into thinking you are back together.
• The fastest and shortest path back into the heart, mind and soul of your ex.
The Bonding Secret: a powerful technique which draws on the psychology of Stockholm Syndrome to help you and your partner re-bond.
• Effective techniques which diffuse arguments before they start.

The Magic of Making Up also personally guides couples through the programme by affording 24 hour access to its founder, relationship expert T.W. Jackson. His contact address is exclusively contained within the eBook manual so that customers can be led through the process of rekindling their relationship and get more specifically tailored tips and tricks along the way.

Buyer Reviews

The primary criticism levied against the Magic of Making Up is regarding its founder, T.W. Jackson. Relationship counsellors and professionals have advised couples to be wary as he does not officially boast any official psychology degrees or qualifications. However, this does not seem to bother the satisfied customers who claim that it is the author’s ‘down to earth’ and informal approach that makes the Magic of Making Up so accessible and easy to put in practice. T.W. Jackson’s helpful online videos which supplement the eBook demonstrate his easy-going, conversational style, which users say has a relaxing and calming effect during the particularly traumatic time immediately following a breakup. Gleaned from years travelling the world in the military and varied life experience, some couples have said that T.W. Jackson’s simple understanding and insight into relationships is much more user-friendly than the academic advice given at significant cost by marriage counsellors.

Turning to price, couples who have previously tried counselling to no avail have praised the comparatively low cost of the Magic of Making Up. These customers have bemoaned the substantial hourly rates of counselling when good results can be achieved using this simple eBook. Given that unlimited personal guidance from T.W. Jackson is available to each customer upon purchase, the programme still offers a one-on-one service for those who feel that they need it.

A surprising number of those who have turned to the Magic of Making Up to resolve their relationship issues have highlighted that the programme’s downloadable eBook format is preferable to its physical, paperback counterparts for a number of reasons. One is that customers can feel safe in the knowledge that when in the company of their partner or reading alone on the commute or in a coffee-shop, the fact that they are reading the book remains private whilst reading on a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Along the same vein, readers have also praised the format for being easily portable, in that their reading devices can be taken on holiday or on business trips.

Some customers who have chosen not to pursue a reconciliation with their ex after purchasing the eBook have still recommended it for its ability to address and eliminate the symptoms of heartbreak following the breakdown of a relationship or divorce. Those who have tried the Fast Forward Technique as outlined in the guide have had considerable results in alleviating feelings of sadness and helplessness often felt post-breakup and have recommended the Magic of Making Up purely for these reasons. For some, the eBook helped them to make the right decision that they did not in fact wish to get back with their partner after all, thus helping find a harmonious solution without their ex.

Some have been wary of T.W. Jackson’s claim that the programme can unite couples in all situations, claiming that this encourages the prolonging of unhealthy or dangerous relationships. Whilst this is a valid concern, the manual itself is clear that customers are to use their own judgment when deciding whether their relationship should be salvaged or not. It is therefore left up to the couple themselves to determine whether the Magic of Making Up is the right step for their circumstance.

Is it a scam?

Widely marketed online as ‘fool-proof’ with strikingly high success rates, it is easy to be sceptical of the huge number of positive customer reviews and testimonials available. Popular blogs and forums are also concerned that the Magic of Making Up’s success comes from the fact that it targets vulnerable people going through a tough time and promises a miracle quick fix. Whilst there may be an element of truth to the above, the majority of the reviews seem to show that simplified, down to earth advice may be obvious but it is surprisingly reassuring and comforting to those going through relationship trauma.

T.W. Jackson’s description of the programme as a ‘magic love recipe’ only leaves room for disappointment when the guide is not successful. Therefore the Magic of Making Up should be considered as a step in the right direction when seeking reconciliation with an ex-partner following an acrimonious breakup, rather than an infallible technique which ensures all couples live happily ever after.

Other customers have been quick to comment that the T.W. Jackson’s eBook simply collates and refines much of what can already be found on the internet regarding relationship advice. He has countered this by claiming that it is the only book of its kind to comprehensively cover all the worthwhile guidance on relationship counselling that there is and saves the customer hours of researching from numerous websites and online archives.

Although the Magic of Making Up may not be the unequivocal answer to all couples’ relationship problems, it seems that it does have some value in teaching people how to get through a difficult breakup and possibly rekindle a relationship or marriage which still shows signs of promise.

Where to Buy and Download

T.W. Jackson’s Magic of Making Up eBook is available to download in PDF form. The readable content can be viewed at the customer’s own convenience on smartphones, tablets and laptops and can also be printed in hard copy. When you buy from the official website, you’ll also receive a 60 day money back guarantee. 

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