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Muscle comes from nutrition, not supplements. This was the comment that spurred Kyle Leon, acclaimed trainer and nutrition expert, to create Muscle Maximizer, also known as the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. It is a training program which emphasises the importance of nutrition and aims to help bodybuilding enthusiasts successfully and quickly build muscle.

Its approach is based on American physiologist W. H. Sheldon’s assertion that the human physique can be classified into three different somatotypes: endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. Each somatotype is characterized by specific traits and influences the way your body handles food and builds muscle.

Kyle Leon’s program will help you determine your somatotype. Then with this knowledge, you’ll be able to draft a fitness regime that will include what types of food you’ll eat and when you’ll eat it. These foods should optimize muscle recovery and repair.

The Muscle Maximizer system is patented and consists of:

  1. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Somanobolic weight training program.
  3. Somanobolic supplementation.
  4. The 7 Days Out eBook.

Click here to learn more about the bonus material, the 60-day money back guarantee, and for a full list of what’s included. 

What are people saying about it?

Many bodybuilders would confess that in their early days of training, they focused on supplements rather than nutrition. However, it’s been proven many times that food plays an integral role in our body processes. The nutritional basis on which Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer is established is scientifically accepted, and that has been pleasing to reviewers.

An additional appreciated aspect is that Kyle Leon is well known in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. As a bodybuilding veteran, they trusted his advice and were assured that this was the real deal. And they weren’t disappointed. Several have stated that the formula works, and have posted their results on many reputable bodybuilding sites.

Reviewers have also commended the Muscle Maximizer for not being a one size fits all bodybuilding program. The entire plan is customized to your body type, age, metabolism and precise goals. For many, the personalization made them feel as if they had their own personal trainer.

According to reviewers, inputting your information into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is simple and straightforward. There is no guesswork and no need to hassle over anything. You simply fill in the data and the result is a specific nutritional and weight training program for you. It can’t get easier.

The Muscle Maximizer can be used by everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional or in-between. In fact, several experienced bodybuilders have stated that the program helped them overcome their plateau – a period where they had no increase in muscle mass even after trying everything.

There is a huge listing of foods within the program; many reviewers stated that they were not familiar with several of the foods. So it was a learning experience. In this program, the gym is highly recommended for access to weight training equipment and that sometimes posed a problem for some people who found it hard to keep up with the gym schedule and membership fees.

The Muscle Maximizer does not negate the commitment and hard work that is needed to build muscle mass. It surely increases your success rate but the rest is directly determined by what you put in, and many reviewers agreed on that aspect.

In the end, Kyle Leon’s muscle building program seeks to give you the bulk and ripped body that you’ve always wanted by optimizing nutritional intake according to your specific body type coupled with a strategic weight training plan.


Perhaps you’d love to enter a bodybuilding competition, or simply just want the challenge of transforming your body. Whatever your reasons behind becoming a bodybuilder or aiming for a similar physique, here are some general tips on getting started.

  1. Join a gym. Unless you happen to have an array of weight equipment at home, joining the gym is the best thing you can do to get access to a variety of equipment and target different muscles. Getting into the routine of going to the gym also helps you get into the right mind frame. If you’re working out at home, you can be more tempted to stop. Starting that gym membership fee is a commitment.
  2. Plan and record. Whether you get a personal trainer, devise a plan for yourself through research or enlist the help of The Muscle Maximizer, you need to have a structure to your workout. Recording your progress will also spur you on and allow you to see which areas you need to focus on and where you have improved.
  3. Nutrition. Whether you’re bodybuilding or not, a general healthy eating rule is to eat wholefoods such as nuts, seeds, natural proteins (fish, lean meat, eggs) vegetables and natural carbs like rice, cous cous and sweet potatoes.

Where to buy and download

To qualify for the money-back guarantee and bonus material Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer must be purchased directly from his official website.

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