The Numerology Diet Review

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What is it?

The Numerology Diet claims that followers can improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing by eating foods that compliment their universal number. Its creators argue that natural foods such as broccoli have a universal number too, and therefore only people who have a compatible universal number should eat it. Instead of cutting out food groups, the diet allows you to create a meal plan based on the concept of numerology.

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Buyer Reviews

If you’re reading this review, there’s a high chance you’re already familiar with the concepts of numerology. The same can be said for the people that review this product, and therefore the majority of reviews are very positive.

Negative reviews tended to be from people who didn’t class themselves as spiritual, and had no prior knowledge of numerology. They thus found the diet confusing and a bit too ‘out there’. It should therefore be noted that this diet plan is best suited for those who believe or practice spiritualism and numerology.

The majority of reviews were positive and on the whole reviewers felt that they did connect on a higher spiritual level and become more enlightened. I couldn’t find much information on the foods that people were eating on the program, other than the fact that there was a focus on natural whole foods such as vegetables, fish, fruit, seeds and nuts. On the whole reviewers did lose weight on this diet, but it’s unclear how much this has to do with numerology concepts and not just embracing a healthier diet. Those who were very overweight found the results slow, and said that without exercise and portion control it would be a while before they reached their ideal weight.

Reviewers who did find success with this diet plan said they noticed results within a couple of weeks, but noticeable changes took at least four. Like most diets, your motivation and commitment to this diet will correlate with how successful you are at reaching your goals.

Is it a scam?

It would appear that this diet does promote healthy living, but it’s difficult to confirm whether positive results are directly because of the concepts of numerology. For some people, the positive effects of this diet could well be a placebo effect and as we have no way of measuring people’s spiritual benefits it’s difficult to comment on this as well.

From the reviews, we can discern that those who practice or study numerology have found this diet refreshing and interesting. Although the title calls the guide a ‘diet’, it’s important to note that is as much a spiritual and mental diet as it is a physical one. Those who were looking for a guide to simply lose weight may have therefore felt that this was a ‘scam’ as the focus is on mental wellbeing as well as the physical side of things. These reviewers therefore found this diets approach frustrating.

In a nutshell, this diet is a lifestyle guide for those interesting in furthering their knowledge of numerology and synching their diet to this in order to achieve a healthier mind and body. Those who are not open minded to this approach might find another diet plan more useful for their needs.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase The Numerology Diet from the official website.

How does it work?

In order to follow the Numerology Diet, there are three steps:

1. Discover your Universal Number
The Numerology Diet is based on the premise that people should stick to the foods designed for their life path number. There are 11 life path numbers and 9 universal numbers, but the names for each are used almost interchangeably. In order to discover the foods you should stick to, you must first work out your universal number using the formula provided in the guide.
2. Spiritual Eating
According the official website, spiritual eating has been practiced for 5,000 years. The aim is to align your body with Universal Vibration.
3. Accepting the gift of a teacher or coach
The official website explains that many people have someone to guide them through learning processes, from athletes to students and devoted Yogis. The guide therefore gives you the gift of guidance.

As one of the aims of the Numerology Diet is to align your body with Universal Vibration, the diet focuses on High Vibe and Low Vibe Foods. The diet recommends that followers eat 80-90% of High Vibe foods in order to increase energy levels and connect to a higher spiritual level. Low Vibe foods are those which do not compliment your universal number and although you can still eat them, they should be eaten infrequently so as not to bring down energy levels and your mood.

Besides the spiritual and mental benefits that this diet claims, by following a diet plan tailored to your universal number, the creators of the diet claim that you will also become healthy physically. You will lose weight if you were overweight, and you will gain weight where you were underweight.

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