The Shyness and Social Anxiety System (Sean Cooper) Review

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What is it?

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is an ebook by Sean Cooper which claims to help you overcome your shyness and social anxiety.

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Buyer Reviews

Although there weren’t a great deal of genuine reviews available online for this ebook, the majority of blog and forum posts seem to be fairly positive about its benefits. People seemed to enjoy the motivational approach of The Shyness and Social Anxiety System and everyone agreed it was easy to read and digest. Although I was unable to find much information about the techniques and tips used in the ebook, other than that they were mainly cognitive and behavioural, reviewers stated that most could be applied instantaneously to real life situations. This was a relief for some, who were anticipating a lengthy ‘preparation’ process which some systems in the market include.

One of the main draws to this ebook was that readers really related to Sean Cooper. Sean explains on the official website and various blogs that he overcame shyness and anxiety by researching human psychology. The ebook is therefore a compilation of the research he did, presented in a format that’s digestible to sufferers of shyness and anxiety. For some people however, Sean’s lack of formal credentials were offputting. Although many reviewers saw Sean as an expert in this field because of his personal experiences, others did not feel he was qualified to give advice or tips on this subject matter. These customers were looking to purchase a guide from a Dr or Professor.

Reviewers who saw success with this programme tended to be people who had chosen to purchase this ebook for themselves. The motivation and determination that this required to take this step already put these sufferers of shyness and anxiety in good stead for successfully completing the ebook and applying the techniques. Those who had been coerced into reading the ebook however did not have this same level of motivation and in some cases did not manage to make much progress.

Finally, almost all the reviews noted that the cost of this ebook is nothing compared to the high cost of private counselling and psychologists. The natural techniques and methods in the ebook also eliminated the need for over the counter drugs. The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is therefore a cheap and natural option for sufferers of anxiety and shyness.

Is it a scam?

Sean Cooper, the author of The Shyness and Social Anxiety System, is a genuine person who suffered from social anxiety and shyness. There are numerous interviews with Sean, including YouTube videos, where you can read or hear his story directly. Some self help ebooks on the market claim to be written by someone, but a Google search brings up nothing on their name other than things related to the official website. It’s therefore refreshing to see that Sean Cooper does exist, and therefore this helps to legitimise the techniques and tools he has written about in his ebook.

No where could I find any reviews to suggest that this ebook is a scam. Will it work for everyone? Almost certainly not. As with most self help guides, the success of the results largely depends on the individual and their effort and motivation towards making a positive change. If you’re desperate to free yourself of shyness and anxiety, that’s an excellent start and this ebook could well provide you with the tools and techniques you need to make the necessary changes. However, don’t expect to simply read this book and magically eliminate your symptoms and become a sociable individual. This ebook can set you on the right track, but perseverance is key to long lasting results.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase The Shyness and Social Anxiety System from the official website.

How does it work?

This ebook takes a cognitive and behavioural approach to curing your shyness and social anxiety. The book includes information on:

• Causes and origins of anxiety and shyness
• The science behind anxiety and shyness, and the remedies offered
• Step by step guide on how to overcome your shyness or anxiety
• Techniques on how to make new friends and deal with social situations
• Relaxation exercises to ensure you stay calm in difficult situations

The ebook also comes with four bonuses:

1) How To Always Know What To Say Next: includes how to avoid awkward pauses and how to enjoy hours of conversation.
2) Social Circle From Scratch: a step by step plan to build your friendship circle from scratch.
3) One month free subscription to the membership website ‘Social Success Secrets’.
4) Free lifetime updates of the ebook.

Who is it for?

This ebook is for anyone suffering for shyness or social anxiety. Symptoms include:

• Heart palpitations
• Panic attacks
• Sweaty palms
• Avoiding social situations
• Not being able to look people in the eye or have a conversation with new people
• Worrying about what people are thinking
• Lack of confidence
• Feeling insecure or self-conscious

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