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The Tao of Badass is a self help dating eBook of 150 pages authored by Joshua Pellicer. The eBook subsists on the premise that attracting women is a learned skill and goes on through 10 sections to teach those techniques and methods.

Among these teachings are:

  • How to mimic the quality in rich men that women are attracted to.
  • The ten ways you can be certain that a woman is attracted to you.
  • How to use body language to attract women.
  • The true meaning of confidence and how you can attain it.

At the end of this guide, Pellicer asserts that you will be well prepared for different dating situations with women and will be better able to handle them with success.

The eBook is available worldwide via one single payment and comes with a 60-day full refund guarantee. See a full list of what’s included here.

Also included with the purchase are 4 bonus reports:

  1. Never Get Cheated On.
  2. Monogamy Vs Polyamory.
  3. Escaping The Friend Zone.
  4. Guide To Breaking Up.

Buyer Reviews

The overwhelming response and consensus is that the eBook is a great tool for guys who struggle with self confidence. The self help tips and advice are solid and can help boost self confidence, an essential characteristic if you are to be successful in the dating world.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. This is the truth for most men, who simply have no clue as to how a woman thinks. The Tao of Badass eBook undeniably gives a deeper insight into the thinking patterns of women and as a result the men who bought and followed the eBook should be able to communicate better with the opposite sex.

The readers have shown appreciation of Pellicer’s in depth look into the subject and also his incorporation of psychology principles. In many cases, Pellicer explains his conclusions with sound reasoning and facts.

Many have also recommended that the best approach to the book is to read it at least three times before practicing in the real world. This is to get a better comprehension of what Pellicer is advocating and applying it to your own personality.

Of all the reviews, I haven’t come across anyone who is saying that the eBook will instantly make you into a God of Women or that it will solve all your dating problems. For all intents and purposes, this is not the purpose of the eBook. However, most reviewers said that the techniques and methods detailed in the eBook worked in real life; they have gained an improved perception of women and most all have achieved some measure of success in dating.

The Tao of Badass is not exclusive to men who want to date; its teachings can also be beneficial to men who are already in relationships, especially if you want more out of your current relationship.

Being attractive to women

If you’re reading this review, the chances are you want to improve your chances with women when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are some general tips on how you can be more attractive.

  • Confidence. If you don’t think you’re good enough to chat to a woman or ask her out on a date, why would she think any differently. Believe in yourself and your confidence will grow. If you do get turned down, remember to stay friendly and polite. If you suddenly become embarrassed you may find yourself being irrationally rude as a defence mechanism and this is never a good look.
  • Humour. It’s good to not take things too seriously, especially when you first meet someone. Keep it light hearted and let the banter flow. If she’s having a good time and you can make her laugh, she’ll want to see you again because you’ve made her feel good.
  • Good manners. It’s important to listen and not dominate the conversation but ask questions instead about topics you know she’s interested in. Make sure at the end of an evening, you walk her to her bus/taxi/car and ensure she gets home safe. Open doors for her, top up her drink over dinner and lend her your coat if it’s cold. It’s not rocket science, it’s just basic good manners.
  • Don’t be too intense. You might be really into someone, but they might take longer to feel the same towards you so it’s important you don’t scare them away. Take things slow, and enjoy getting to know each other but don’t pressure her into committing to you after a few dates- and don’t even think about saying the L word within the first couple of months.

Where to buy and download

To qualify for the full 60 day money-back guarantee you must buy the package from its official website, where it comes with 4 bonus reports.

Feel free to use the comment thread below to ask any questions or post a comment you may have about the eBook.

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