The Ultimate Pull-Up Program Review

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What is it?

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is a downloadable guide which aims to comprehensively detail how to get fit and toned through implementing pull-up oriented workouts. Its creator Shawna Kaminiski is confident that anyone can see results through her original system of ‘Controlled Cheating’ which aids in the training process and builds muscle memory. As the pull-up is the only exercise where resistance is tested through holding up the entire bodyweight, it is widely considered to be the most challenging workout available. Despite this, the program is designed to guide gym novices over a period of weeks so that the routines become less gruelling and fitness levels are exponentially increased. As the pull-up only requires the use of a pull-up bar, users need not invest in any expensive gym equipment and can train in the comfort of their own homes.

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Buyer Reviews

Given the hectic nature of modern life, it is understandable that many people simply don’t have the time to visit a gym on a weekly basis or go running regularly in order to keep fit and look good. This is evident from the majority of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program reviews which can be found on fitness blogs or health forums. As the program can be initiated at home without the need for gym machines or even gym membership, this has clearly attracted many people with busy schedules hoping to get fit. The fact that only a pull-up bar is required, which is easy to install and cheap to buy, has been the major draw of the program, enabling users to fit the workouts around their lifestyle as opposed to requiring regular gym visits.

Clearly the crucial question that potential users want the answer to is, does it work? Taking the online reviews as a whole, it can be gleaned that users were generally impressed with the results they saw after dedicating themselves to the regime for a few weeks. Although the feedback was positive for the most part, it must be highlighted that the majority of those who gave such reviews appeared to be experienced in the world of fitness and health already. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program’s promotional material does emphasise that this routine is designed with every fitness level in mind, from novice to amateur. However, probably due to the intense nature of the workouts, it seems that only fitness conscious users have been attracted to the program and it is therefore difficult to say whether these claims are true.

It is widely known, even amongst those not so familiar with fitness, that the pull-up is one of the hardest techniques to master. Due to its inherently challenging nature, it is suggested that this may be one of the reasons why novices have been put off the program; instead choosing to opt for training that focuses on easier routines which enhance cardio. Even so, those with backgrounds in fitness have commented that completing many pull-ups consecutively is extremely challenging, even for gym and health enthusiasts. Numerous reviewers have stated that it normally requires weeks or months of dedication to master, so users must not be misled into thinking that the program is a fitness ‘quick-fix’.

With regard to the format of the program, users have generally enjoyed the fact that it is instantly downloadable in an accessible PDF file which can be read on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Yet, a good number of comments reveal that some would have preferred a hard copy version of the program so that it can be annotated and used without requiring an electronic device.

How to buy and download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase the Ultimate Pull-Up Program from the official website.

How does it work?

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is premised on the belief that as the pull-up is the ultimate test of fitness, mastering it is the best way to condition and tone the entire body. Shawna Kaminiski recommends implementing 3 workouts per week in order to steadily build up endurance and technique. In order to see results more quickly, she has included her system of ‘Controlled Cheating’ which keeps the body in a pull-up position whilst fast-forwarding the training schedule, helping to build muscle memory and overall strength.

What’s included?

• Program 1: Contains entry-level guidance for beginners which helps to develop technique
• Program 2: This advanced training system aims to increase endurance
• Program 3: The hard-core training system for experts

In addition to the Ultimate Pull-Up Program eBook, users are also entitled to the following bonus material:

• The Pull-Up Challenge Body Weight Edition
• The Pull-Up Boosting Exercises Video Library
• The Little Black Book of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises

More about pull-ups
The pull-up is widely understood to be a technique whereby an individual is suspended from the ground and must lift his or her bodyweight using only their upper body strength. The pull-up has long been one of the primary tests of fitness by the US armed forces, whereby 20 to 25 pull-ups in a row is considered to be the perfect standard expected from military personnel according to Wikipedia.

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