Toro 20360 Review

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The 20360 e-Cycler electric lawn mower from Toro is an easy-to-use, cordless mower featuring a 20-inch cutting deck and 36-volt battery. Powered by a battery, there is no need for gasoline or oil, saving money and energy.

The model is more convenient and effortlessly maneuverable than typical corded mowers. Starting up the e-Cycler is quick and easy, with the insertion of a key and pull of a lever.

The mower is designed to be lightweight; it weighs 77 pounds which is less than many competitive battery powered and cordless mowers.

The deck is deeply set and dome-shaped to enhance the mulching ability, which results in finely-cut grass clippings that are redistributed onto the lawn to return vital nutrients and act as an effective, natural fertilizer. There is also the option to bag the clippings in an easily detachable collecting bag for subsequent disposal. With oversized rear wheels, it runs smoothly over uneven terrain.

Buyer Reviews

Power is a big plus here – the 36-volt battery gives enough to cut up to 10,000 square feet in one charge (depending on the conditions). This, along with the deep deck, also benefits mulching capacity – a cheap source of fertilizer for the lawn.

The wider cutting path (20 inches) relative to similar models means fewer passes and less time/fuel spent mowing. Users were impressed with the well thought out placement of the wheels, allowing the mower to run closely alongside obstacle and boundaries, such as trees or fences.

As with other battery-powered mowers, this e-Cycler is much quieter than gas mowers. And the convenience of not having an electric cord to manage means avoiding the need to plan a cutting path ahead.

On the negative side:

– Some buyers noted that the chute gets clogged easily, even early on in the mowing process.

– This is relatively heavy batter mower, making it tough on rough/hilly landscapes.

– Storage: Because the mower does not store vertically, some have found it difficult to keep in limited spaces.

– Durability: The steel deck is susceptible to rust and tricky to clean and maintain.

– Charging: Several buyers would have benefited from a gauge showing the remaining power of the battery.

Overall, the mower scores 3 out of a possible 5 stars. Follow the Amazon link on the right to check and compare prices.

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