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What is it?

Truth About Abs is a lifestyle guide by nutritionist and fitness trainer Mike Geary which aims to dispel myths about how to achieve a washboard stomach and give you step by step advice on how to not only get a toned and lean stomach but more importantly maintain it. Abs are achieved through a combination of mindset, workouts and nutrition, and these are the three areas that the ebook targets.

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How it works?

1. Diet: this ebook follows a low carb, protein rich and healthy fat diet without the use of diet pills but does recommend some natural supplements like green tea and calcium.
2. Exercise: a focus on core strength and weight training rather than ab focused exercises. Typical exercises include squats and deadlifts, and although the end goal is to achieve washboard abs, the guide will also workout the rest of your body too.
3. Mindset: this ebook does not offer a quick fix. It’s important to change your attitude towards food and exercise in order to stay committed and not fall off the wagon.

Who is it for?

This ebook is for both men and women of all ages who want a flat, lean and tastefully defined stomach. The guide is not a quick fix, and although you will see results quickly, it is a lifestyle guide which aims to make sure you continue to maintain your dream physique for decades after. To date, 263,000 people across 154 countries have used the guide, highlighting its universality.

Besides the physical benefits of this guide, the lifestyle change will also ensure you improve your overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, many people commented that their overall self confidence grew as their body improved, and this had a direct correlation with being more sociable and meeting new people.

4 Myths Busted

1. ‘Health foods’. Gearey explains in his guide that many of the health foods like soya milk and whole wheat, which we are encouraged to eat, could actually increase belly fat.
2. The truth about ab machines and belts. Geary is adamant that the fitness models we see advertising these machines and belts have not got their bodies from these ‘quick fixes’. He advises not to waste your money on these.
3. Cardio. Contrary to popular belief, long cardio workouts are not necessary for achieving abs.
4. Diet pills. Gearey warns that most of the diet pills on the market are extremely dangerous. There are some supplements available that can help your metabolism but as a rule diet pills should be avoided at all costs.

What’s inside?

Here are just some of the tips and tricks you can expect to find inside the ebook.

Why ab exercises aren’t necessary. Although ab exercises done properly can contribute to a flat and muscular stomach, the most important thing to do is lose the fat on your belly first before you try and get definition. Gearey explains that if you start doing stomach crunches every day, your muscle will develop under your belly fat so not only will you not be able to see it but it will actually make your stomach look larger too as the muscle builds up.
Which foods to consume in order to assist with tackling stomach fat.
The 6 Step Process. Follow these steps to ensure you’re in the right motivational mindset.
One trick that will change your attitude towards junk food and make you automatically opt for healthier food choices.
5 Fat Triggering Foods. Most people know that things like deep fried cheese is going to make you pile on the pounds, but these 5 foods are commonly mistaken as healthy, and most people consume them quite regularly.
Thinking creatively about workouts. It’s really important to stay motivated to exercise, so Gearey includes some tips on how to keep things interesting.
Nutrition tricks to ensure your metabolic rate stays high.
One saturated fat that actually supports your fat burning metablosim.
6 unique exercises.


As well as the 144 page ebook, you’ll also get three bonuses.

• The 5 Keys to Guarantee Fat Loss DVD by trainer Kim Lyons from the Biggest Loser
• The M-Power Fast Fitness Audio Series
• 8 Week Dumbbell-Bodyweight Fusion Fat Loss Workout Program by well known trainer Craig Ballantyne

Is it a scam?

You only have to do a quick search online to see a tonne of promotional testimonials and before and after photos. Although some of the promotional material may be a little exaggerated or even cheesey, looking at independent blogs and fitness sites confirm that the teachings in this ebook really can help you get a flat toned stomach.

If you follow this guide, you will achieve a flat stomach and abs. However, those who may not see such great results are people who lose, or have lost, a significant amount of weight and therefore have lose skin around their stomach. Stretched skin from severe weight loss can often only be completely removed through surgery, and so although this guide will help you flatten your stomach, it will not be able to do anything for excess skin up to a point.

How quickly you achieve your abs depends on your current fitness level and diet and how committed you are to the guide. Those who saw the best results were people who really did embrace it as a lifestyle guide rather than just dipping in and out. Like most products on the market, this is not a quick fix but Gearey’s teachings are tried and tested and do work when applied.

Buyer Reviews

The majority of reviewers seem to be happy with the actual contents of this ebook.
People enjoyed the fact that it was a lifestyle guide, and appreciated the combination of a focus on nutrition, exercise and mindset. Gearey was also complimented for his straightforward and concise style and the majority of people said the scientific explanations were easy to understand. Customers felt more comfortable with a weight loss program that explained the science behind why certain foods and exercises are good or bad for you. At only 144 pages, most people read this ebook in an evening, in order to start making changes immediately. However, many reviewers have said that it’s best to pace the book out over a few days so that you truly absorb everything and don’t have to keep referring back to it.

Some people were quick to point out that there really is nothing new in this ebook that can’t be found elsewhere on the web for free. Personally, I did not find this surprising. Nowadays most information can be found for free online, but the reason why people continue to buy books on a range of topics is because it saves you doing the research yourself. The structure and layout of the ebook also ensures that the advice is easy to follow, digest and implement. If you’re adamant on not spending a penny then yes you probably will find most of the information online for free.

Reviewers particularly liked the nutrition section of this ebook. Gearey not only includes over 70 meal plans but he also breaks down the nutritional value for common foods so you’re clued up on which ingredients are healthiest. In terms of the workout section, although many of the routines can be done at home, many reviewers said that membership to a gym or at least some weights at home are necessary for the best results.

The workouts concentrate on core strength and weight training, so for some people it took a while to build up their tolerance, especially those who were used to just doing cardio or nothing at all. It’s really important therefore to follow the guide at your own pace, and not push yourself to train too hard or you’ll end up unable to workout for weeks whilst you recover. Helpfully, the workouts in the book are grouped from level 1 to level 8. You can therefore move up the levels as you feel comfortable.

Overall Verdict

Compared to other ab related guides on the market, this ebook is pretty comprehensive. If you’re determined to make a lifestyle change, this ebook can ensure you have all the information and guidance to do so. For those who are looking for a quick fix, or not too bothered about defined abs, there are probably other guides on the market you’d be better suited to.

What’s great about this product is that it can be used by everyone, regardless of age or gender. Whether you succeed simply comes down to commitment.

Where to Buy and Download?

In order to qualify for the 8 week money back guarantee, you must buy the Truth About Abs from the official website.

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