Turbulence Training Review

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What is it?

Turbulence Training is a combination of video workouts and guides on exercise and nutrition which aims to help you loose fat and gain muscle through short bursts of exercise as opposed to daily cardio. It also claims that by following the guide, you can still indulge in your favourite foods such as cheeseburgers. In a nutshell, it claims to help you get a great body without having to give up your favourite foods or commit to extensive gym sessions.

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How it works

Craig Ballantyne, the brainchild of this program, disagrees that cardio is the way to achieving the body of your dreams. Although he acknowledges that doctors suggest 1 hour of cardio each day, he explains that research shows that long, slow cardio can actually make your body store fat and burn muscle. He asserts that research has revealed 3 crucial facts about cardio:

1) Cardio Makes You Gain Fat Around Your Belly, Thighs, Hips and Legs
A 2008 study in the International Journal of Obesity stated that people eat up to 100 calories more than they burned after cardio.
2) Cardio Damages Your Heart, Joints and Back
Ballantyne lists numerous cardio enthusiasts (such as marathon and Olympic runners and hopefuls) who have died from heart attacks. He also explains that your feet experience three times your body weight in impact when they hit the treadmill and this puts a huge strain on your joints. It’s not uncommon for runners to develop bad knees.
3) Cardio Makes Your Entire Body Age Faster
The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research noted that cardio can cause huge oxidative damage and increase free radicals (molecules that cause aging) to the body.

Instead of doing cardio, Ballantyne claims that his short burst workouts will make you look 10-15 years younger in just a few weeks.

What’s included?

Turbulence Training 2.0 for Rapid Fat Loss. With these 24 video workouts, you can exercise easily at home without joining a gym. Ballantyne advises on just 90minutes a week in order to see results.
The Turbulence Training Program Guide. This step by step, week to week guide will ensure you stay on track for your goals.
The Turbulence Training Exercise Guide. For those who want a further explanation on how to do the exercises in the videos.
The Turbulence Training Nutrition Plan. This guide aims to help you choose foods which will increase fat loss without having to give up your favourites.
The Thermo 30 Workout Plan. How to kick start your metabolism and ensure you burn fat continuously, regardless of what you’re doing, just by doing a few minutes of exercise each week.
Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks Program. A guide on how to get the physique of a fitness model.

Is it a scam?

There are tonnes of products and ebooks online promising to help you lose weight, but as always the results really do depend on how much you commit to the guide. This ebook is not a scam in the sense that if you follow the guidelines, you will lose weight. However I do believe that some of the promotional material for this product are a little misleading. This ebook targets people who are exercise shy and like to indulge in unhealthy foods but most people will have enough common sense to realise that if you ate cheeseburgers all the time (as the promotional pictures suggest) then losing weight will inevitably be more difficult.

For those who don’t enjoy long workouts, this ebook really could work for you. It’s not necessary to go for long runs every day in order to lose weight, this can be achieved by doing short intense workouts. Obviously the healthier you eat, the better and faster the results will be.

Buyer Reviews

On the whole, reviewers found the guide easy to follow and stick to. Reviewers particularly enjoyed the fact that the exercises could be done at home and those who stuck to their regular diet still saw results even just through exercising. However, the best results were achieved by those who referred to the nutrition plan as well.

A number of people commented that the actual ebook itself was not great quality. Images were too small and people were forced to refer to youtube videos in order to have a better understanding of the exercise positions. Since it’s an ebook, the quality of the imagery wasn’t enough to put people off but for some people this made them feel that the guide itself was low quality.

It would seem that this guide is most suited for those with busy schedules who cannot commit to lengthy exercise routines. Some people commented that they followed the guides advice alongside one or two longer exercise routines a week, and found that the combination of short and long routines added diversity to their exercise regime.

Although most exercise routines can be done at home, or without a gym membership, those who are serious about maintaining a strong healthy body may find that access to gym equipment not only helps them do this more easily but further motivate them by being around like minded people. Ultimately those looking for their optimum physique should embrace this ebook as a lifestyle guide and not a program to ditch once the results are achieved.

Where to Buy and Download?

In order to benefit from the 90 day money back guarantee, and the additional bonuses, you must purchase Turbulence Training from the official website.

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