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Reading Eggs is a colourful online world where children learn to read through individual, one-on-one lessons that build on progress achieved. Interactive animation, games and songs aim to make learning an enjoyable activity that motivates children to learn in an educationally sound way that has been designed by a team of teachers, writers and developers. Reading Eggs is aimed at children aged from 3 to 12, visit the official Reading Eggs website now, or write your own review here.

Buyer Survey

People who had tried Reading Eggs were strongly in favour of the website and many parents felt that their children’s reading had really progressed by using Reading Eggs, including for reluctant readers. One buyer said it was usually quite difficult to get her daughter to read as she wouldn’t sit still for long enough. However she had taken to Reading Eggs quite quickly and seemed to enjoy the lessons, often wanting to complete more than the one lesson a day that they had planned to do.

A feature that attracted praise was the reward eggs that children receive as these really seemed to motivate their children to learn. Another useful aspect was that Reading Eggs helps children to learn in several different ways, such as through phonics, letter identification and matching pictures to letters. Yet another buyer mentioned the progress reports on their child that parents can see by logging on, while a few liked that the accents were British.

There weren’t too many negative comments although one parent felt that the progress reports were not comprehensive enough and would have liked to have seen problem areas highlighted, as well as progress. Another said that they would have liked the option of skipping activities, while an additional comment from one parent was that their child had a reasonable reading level but not enough to get through the initial reading test so he had to start from the beginning, which meant some repetition.

Sales & Promotions

Parents and children can get a 14-day free trial via the website to see how Reading Eggs works. In addition, during the trial the company regularly emails discount codes so that good deals are available to continue after the trial period. As well as this Reading Eggs is also involved with the UK Great Literacy Challenge and children who sign up for this can get a free 5-week trial.

Coupon, Discount, and Voucher Codes

Natural Mammas has run a deal with Reading Eggs that will extend the 14-day trial to a 28-day trial by using a promo code. In addition, several sites, such as Living Social, savvymummys and halfdiscount, have carried promotional deals giving 50 percent off the subscription price.

Delivery Policy

Reading Eggs is available as an app for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices and these can just be downloaded directly so there is no need to wait for delivery.

Refund & Returns Policy

Reading Eggs will give a full refund on any orders within the first 30 days after purchase. If any customers do wish to request a refund they can email the company on, including their contacts details and the reason for the refund.

Address & Phone Number


37 West 26th Street
Suite 201
New York,
NY 10010 USA


Teachers: 1-877-394-6695
Parents: 1-877-661-4898


Company Origin

Launched in the U.S. and Canada in 2011, Reading Eggs is used as a teaching aid by both parents at home and by teachers in the classroom. It is designed to supplement rather than replace regular teaching. Since 2011 it has gained more than 250,000 subscribers in over 33 countries and has won recognition from several organisations including seals of approval from and the National Parenting Center. The company was also Winner of the 18th Annual Best Education Software Awards by ComputED Gazette.

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