Ultimate Energy Diet Review

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What is it?

The Ultimate Energy Diet is another name for the ‘Eating For Energy’ ebook by holistic nutritionist and high performance health coach Yuri Elkaim. In a nutshell the ebook promotes a natural wholesome diet, with followers consuming fresh raw foods 80% of the time, whilst enjoying ‘leisure foods’ for the remaining 20%. Yuri claims that followers of his diet can expect to double their energy levels in just 5 days.

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In his promotional video, Yuri explains that as a teenager he suffered from poor health, including low energy, eczema, asthma and a type of hair loss called alopecia. It wasn’t until he attended an open day at a holistic nutrition school however that he began to realise that his poor diet might have something to do with his overall poor health.

Yuri believes that there are too many myths and conflicting dietary advice on the market. He asserts that listening to your body is the most important thing, and there is no perfect diet to suit everyone. This is why he markets his ebook as a lifestyle choice. He believes that people do not need to waste their money on health fads and supplements, but neither do they have to adhere to a strict 100% raw vegan diet. In 2010, Psychology Today published an article which said that those following strict diets, where food groups are forbidden, can end up bingeing or overeating to satisfy cravings. It can therefore be concluded that taking a more balanced approach helps to eliminate binge eating or excessive food consumption from happening.

How does it work?

The Ultimate Energy Diet follows the ‘No Cook Solution Principle’, where fresh raw foods are consumed 80% of the time and ‘leisure foods’ are consumed for the remaining 20%. Yuri believes that this provides consumers with a completely balanced diet which is easier to sustain than other restrictive programs.

The Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

• Raw foods contain higher levels of minerals, vitamins, water and digestive supporting enzymes.
• The higher water content in raw foods also helps to keep you fuller for longer according to an article in the Daily Mail newspaper. This is because the higher water content makes raw foods bigger so a portion of raw veggies will be larger than the same portion cooked.
According to nutritionist Jane Griffin, cooked foods contain a third less of their vitamins and minerals than in their raw state because vitamins B and C are absorbed during the cooking process.
• She also says that raw foods contain higher quantities of fibre, because the cooking process can also break it down.

What’s inside?

Yuri describes his diet as a step-by-step blueprint that has helped 1000’s of men and women to enjoy a healthier diet, increase their energy levels, lose weight and generally feel and look better physically and mentally. He explains that the ebook is a result of 12 years of study and emphasises it is a lifestyle guide not a fad diet or overnight miracle solution.

Here are some things you can expect to find inside ‘Eating For Energy’:

Why you should avoid caffeine and sugar (including refined carbohydrates) in the morning and mid afternoon. Yuri advises to swap your toast and coffee in the morning with a green smoothie, and your usual afternoon snack for half a handful of raw nuts or low sugar berries. He explains in his promotional video that by doing this, your blood sugar levels and hormones will stabilize and this will ensure your energy levels don’t drop.
• More about the underlying foundation of the no-cook solution principle.
Food Spectrum. A list of foods that are guaranteed to boost your energy levels all day long.
The 5 Essential Pillars. Yuri claims that by following these 5 pillars, anyone can achieve immediate and long lasting energy as well as a healthy body.
12 week meal plan. This includes recipes and ingredients to prepare meals in less than 10 minutes, and information on when to eat what.
• Healthy Recipe Guide, including 120 raw recipes.
• A list of 12 super foods that Yuri assures aren’t expensive.
• How to prepare meals and when to eat them.

As well as this, the ebook comes with 7 bonuses:

1. The Smoothie and Juice Guide. This guide includes 45 raw vegan recipes with only natural proteins.
2. Nutrition For Athletes. A specific guide for those following the diet who will require a higher calorie intake, or more of certain food groups.
3. Secrets To Losing Weight. (Audio)
4. How To Detox Your Body Safely And Effectively. (Audio).
5. Alkalinity. Is this the missing link to enviable health?
6. Top Health Secrets. This audio is a recording of Yuri’s interview with a New York Times best selling author.
7. 5 Day Rapid Results Blueprint. A structural plan to help you start the program.

Is it a scam?

The health benefits of eating a mostly raw foods diet are generally accepted. Reviewers did not seem to quibble with the benefits that come with sticking to this lifestyle and on the whole people found the recipes easy to follow and mostly enjoyable. The chocolate mousse and guacamole both got a few mentions!

However, whilst the premise of this lifestyle is not a scam, some reviewers did feel that the cost of this ebook was too high. In some of the forums, people found the ebook and its bonus material a little on the thin side. Most customers were happy with the actual price they paid, but a few commented that on the promotional video Yuri values them at much higher before giving customers ‘a great deal’. Most felt that his valuations of what the products were worth before a promotion were far too high.

On the whole, reviewers who stuck to the diet confirmed that they did feel an increase in energy within the 5 days, but they found the first couple of days particularly difficult getting used to cutting out coffee in the morning. Those who persevered said they lost weight naturally and felt better overall. For people wanting to loose larger amounts of weight, an exercise regime is needed to compliment healthy eating.

Yuri goes on and on in his promotional video about how his diet is not restricting but a few people still felt that 80% of their diet dedicated to raw foods was still a tall order. Some reviewers said they had lowered it to more of a 50-50 ratio and still found the benefits impressive. It’s also important to note that following a raw diet can be expensive, especially if you choose to consume only organic foods. Reviewers said that for this reason, they stuck to the cheaper recipes in the book day to day.

Where to Buy and Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase from the official website.

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