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What is it?

James Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy 2.0 online training programme is designed to help those who are new to the concept of YouTube marketing enhance their business by turning video views into profitable traffic. As one of the most lucrative, far-ranging social media platforms in the world, advertising products in the form of videos can optimise traffic and generate sustainable custom to any product. Video Traffic Academy aims to teach entrepreneurs and those with small businesses how to make the most of their online presence via demonstration videos and ready-to-implement video templates. James Wedmore claims that by using this ‘Site Visitors Technology’ users can increase product sales without investing in pricey online traffic generators.

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Is it a scam?

As with many online training programmes which boast a great number of faultless testimonials and seemingly rave reviews, many prospective purchasers have been wary of investing in the system for fear that it is a scam. This concern is wholly legitimate, as there are many similar programmes advertised online which promise huge returns and incredible profit simply from following the guidance of a supposed internet expert.

Given the YouTube statistics outlined above, it is easy to see why many people want to cash in on the booming social media marketing industry and are looking for a simple way to expose their product to a global audience. Whilst many people have tried to teach themselves the basics of video creation with a view to marketing their business, it is apparent from blogs and forum comments that people are keen for an authoritative guide on YouTube video optimisation, to either detail the basics or build upon advanced skills.

Some scam products are easy to identify due to the outrageous financial claims they make, often promising users that they will make millions instantly at just the click of a button. The Video Traffic Academy is refreshing in that it does not explicitly outline the potential earnings which can expected to be made from following the programme. Instead, the benefits of the training are left up to the user themselves to determine using time and effort.

Buyer Reviews

That said, on the whole the reviews seem to show that customers have been pleased with the level and detail contained within the online training archives. Commenters remarked that there was a good spread of topics which helped to build a foundation of video creating skills that could be honed with experience. However, it was noted that users should ideally have at least some prior knowledge of basic SEO terminology and online marketing techniques first. Some beginners who purchased the programme stated that they found it difficult to get the most out of VTA 2.0 as it jumped in at an intermediate level, rather than at a level appropriate for novices.

Many of these satisfied users have found it easy to implement their new skills on a practical level and in doing so, have reported increases in traffic to their products’ websites and consequently, increased sales.

VTA 2.0 appears to be the first choice for novice online marketers who do not want to pay out large amounts of money to third-party companies for traffic. As the programme just entails a one-off initial payment, it is attractive to those who are just starting out and not wanting to fork out extra costs on sustaining traffic. As creating and uploading videos is free, users are effectively using VTA 2.0 to generate free traffic and the skills taught in the training materials can be applied to other areas of online marketing.

24 Hour Access to Feedback and Advice from Peers
Customers have particularly enjoyed the exclusive access to the members’ only Facebook group which guarantees peer-to-peer support from like-minded marketers who could offer additional advice on how to master the techniques contained within VTA 2.0. Many people who have taken advantage of this online community have discovered extra tips and tricks and also made some invaluable business contacts in the form of other VTA users. By feeling like there is immediate online help if needed, customers have stated that they have put more trust into the programme and felt more likely to recommend it to friends and other business associates.

Where to Buy and Download

You must purchase Video Traffic Academy 2.0 from the official website in order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. All of the training videos and documents can be utilised within the members’ only area, in addition to the numerous bonus programmes.

How does Video Traffic Academy 2.0 work?

Previously featured in mainstream international publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Social Media Entrepreneur, James Wedmore has made a name for himself in the world of online marketing. By detailing his knowledge of YouTube marketing, key word optimisation and video promotion, he presents Video Traffic Academy as the comprehensive guide to turning video views into sales.

Upon purchase, Video Traffic Academy subscribers are entitled to unlimited access to the members’ only training archives which detail the programme’s various modules. The various stages are as follows:

1. Video Traffic 101: Outlines the basics of online video marketing, as well as how to create effective campaigns, utilise the most profitable keywords and maximise exposure for your product. Lists the mistakes made by 9 out of 10 business owners when trying to increase traffic to their videos.
2. Developing Your Strategy: Identifies the 4 essential pillars of YouTube success, provides a customised video strategy and helps users to carve their own idiosyncratic niche.
3. Creating Killer Videos: Contains the secret ingredients to a great video, the best software and hardware and the basics of exciting video creation. Also includes detailed information on outsourcing for those who are not keen on appearing in their video personally.
4. Video Optimisation: Ways in which to achieve proper channel optimisation through detailing the code to YouTube’s video-ranking criteria, a step-by-step video upload guide and an optimisation checklist.
5. Advanced Video Traffic Strategies: A 13 step process which is designed to help views skyrocket after video upload is complete, including expert traffic strategies to increase traffic in the long-term.

James Wedmore emphasises that this online training programme is suitable for all types of people; from absolute novices to advanced online marketers.

• The Entrepreneur: Experienced business men and women who want to learn about YouTube video marketing independently to increase exposure and sales for their products and services.
• The Marketer: Those working on behalf of a business or company for the sole purpose of furthering their online presence can show upper management how powerful YouTube is as a marketing tool.
• The Business Owner: Business owners who are just getting started out in the industry who have a basic knowledge of YouTube marketing.
• Just Getting Started: Those who need simple, baby-step instructions in order to perceive YouTube as a moneymaking tool, rather than an entertainment source.

Bonus Material

In addition to receiving instant access to the Video Traffic Academy 2.0 digital training programme, subscribers are also entitled to the following free bonus material:

• Director’s Tool Kit: A video resource library with branded video templates and over 300 background music files.
• Outsourcer’s Guide to Video: Ways in which to manage online businesses, keep productivity high and advice as to why running a ‘one man show’ is not ideal for traffic optimisation.
• Faceless Videos: Find quality virtual assistants instead of fronting the video yourself.
• VTA Community: Immediate access to the exclusive community of other VTA members on Facebook; gain additional tips and tricks from like-minded marketers and instant feedback on your business.
• YouTube Superstar Spotlight Interviews: Make magnetic videos and convert views, subscribers and friends into real profitable traffic.
• Video Marketing for Affiliates: Uncover profitable niches and turn views into affiliate commissions. Also includes a quick guide which shows how to make a video with the optimal keywords in under less than 5 minutes.
• Video Traffic Process Maps: Hard to digest information is contained on an easy to read process map which outlines all the steps.

More about video marketing…

YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing platform, attracting over 1 billion unique users watching 6 billion hours of video each month. YouTube also boasts universal appeal as it is localised in 61 countries across 61 different languages ( It is the sheer size of this unique platform which has attracted thousands of businesses hoping to advertise their products and services to this diverse audience. YouTube reports that over a million advertisers use Google ad platforms, the majority of them small businesses and new start-ups.

YouTube has also branched out to accommodate the increase in people using their smartphones to view video content, with the mobile app making up 40% of the global watch time across all different brands of smartphone. Considering that there are 1.75 billion smartphone users across the world according to, YouTube is a potentially limitless platform from which to advertise and attract new customers.

James Wedmore has recognised this opportunity in furthering his own products and those of his clients in order to dramatically increase the potential consumer audience. YouTube is already monetising 3 billion views per week globally, meaning that popular YouTube partners are earning money from their videos by hosting adverts. 98 of AdAge’s Top advertising brands have run their campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network ( This demonstrates how views can be converted into profit.

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