Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

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“Strategic Muscle Gains For A Visually Stunning Body” – This is what Visual Impact Muscle Building promises.

This muscle building program was developed by Rusty Moore, a well known trainer in the fitness industry. His early days began as a blogger, where he constantly spoke about the misconception of fast muscle building. Moore felt that being bulky was highly overrated. He believed that the emphasis should be on creating the best physique possible, which to him meant a physique that was well proportioned, toned and slim. So as a way to help people achieve “The Hollywood Look”, he created Visual Impact Muscle Building.

How Much Does It Cost?

Visual Impact Muscle Building and its bonus books can be bought for a single payment of $47. Moore chose this price on the basis that a gym session with a personal trainer is about $50, so his program is less than that.

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What Do You Get?

1. The Visual Impact Muscle Building, 72 page course book.
2. Visual Impact Exercise Demonstrations, 227 page book.
3. Visual Impact Printable Workout Charts.

Visual Impact Muscle Bodybuilding consists of 3 phases over a detailed course:

• Phase 1 – This phase focuses on rapidly building muscle in the area where it is most required. The goal is to create balance.
• Phase 2 – This phase focuses on strength building and muscle definition. Muscle size is increased and there is an emphasis on function rather than just bulking up. At this stage, you begin to see results of a leaner, toned physique.
• Phase 3 – This final phase focuses on overall body conditioning. Cardio exercises are introduced to shred fat and for strengthening. Moore calls this the “locking phase”, where the new shape is accepted and locked in by the body. According to him, this also stops the sagging and loosening of skin.

What Are People Saying About It?

Rusty Moore really believes in his product and it shows; reviewers loved his detailed approach. Moore also included scientific evidence to support his assertions, unlike many others who take the do as I say route.

Reviewers claimed that the program’s nutritional plan helped them clean up their diet, and begin a healthier eating lifestyle. Although, some reviewers felt that the nutritional plan should have been more detailed with a bit more food variations. For example, Moore recommends specific daily calorie increases and protein intake but doesn’t describe or explain best to do that.

The entire program, including the exercises, was easy to follow so many were able to jump right in and to continue it to completion.

Many reviewers revealed that they were originally on the skinny side, and said it was impossible to achieve results with other fitness programs because these programs did not cater to their slim build but rather average builds or persons of high fitness levels. Additionally, these programs are usually aimed at persons who want to bulk up. But that wasn’t the desire. They preferred to Visual Impact Muscle Building because it suited their slim build and got them the desired slim, toned and muscle body – what Moore calls “The Hollywood Look”.

A repeated theme was that their strength increased by the end of the program. One reviewer noted than he had gone from barely bench pressing 135 pounds to an impressive 225 pounds at the program’s end.

Although, the Visual Impact Exercise Demonstration book listed several exercises, some reviewers still felt that it was lacking. One reviewer expected more High Intensity Interval Training exercises. Others lamented that there were no videos to actually see the exercises in real time, which would have been a real benefit.

Lack of access to exercise equipment also posed a problem to some reviewers. Moore does suggest going with an exercise routine that you prefer, whether it’s machine, free weights, body weight exercises, resistance bands, kettlebells or a combination of any. However, reviewers felt they needed more guidance in this area as many were not coming from a fitness background and had no clue what worked best or what they even preferred.

On the other hand, reviewers thought that Moore did a great job of explaining volume, sets and reps. So once a exercise routine was established, there was sufficient information on how to properly build muscle mass, muscle density and strength.

Another great help was the question and answer section in the book. A total of 10 pages were dedicated to frequently asked questions in the hopes that everyone who purchased his product would be able to understand the concept, what is required and the best way to follow the program.

Is It A Scam?

There were many reviewers who successfully completed the Visual Impact Muscle Building and had everything good to say about the program. I suspected the majority of such reviews came from people who were familiar with fitness programs and regimens. While most of the reviewers who experienced little or no results were newbies who had a difficult time of not only understanding what was required but also had difficulties completing the program. There is no trick to muscle building, success only comes to those who work hard and eat right; and that was a lesson learnt by many.

Rusty Moore does a good job of backing up his claims and methods. The books are written in plain language and are easy to follow. The only true missing link is whether you’re up to the challenge to see the program through.

Where To Buy And Download

You must purchase Visual Impact Muscle Building from its official website in order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee.

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