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A wedding speech is probably one of the hardest speeches to give. It’s a delicate balance between sentimental, humorous, inspirational and awesome. A tall order for anyone.

If you’re looking for guidance, Dan Stevens’ and Sally Samuels’ Wedding Speech 4 U claims to help you craft a fantastic speech or toast. Besides receiving many well written ready-made speeches, you will also receive instructions and tips on how to craft your own wedding speeches and make them truly memorable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each Wedding Speech 4 U Package costs $19.95. This is a onetime fee. Click here to learn about the money-back guarantee and check for any promotional offers.

What Do You Get?

Wedding Speech 4 U Packages


1. Bride Speeches
2. Groom Speeches
3. Best Man Speeches
4. Maid Of Honor Speeches
5. Father Of The Bride Speeches
6. Mother Of The Bride Speeches

Each package can be downloaded immediately after payment and includes:

• 20 sample speeches.
• Several toast samples.
• Jokes and one-liners.
• Quotes and poetry.
• Techniques on speech delivery.
• Ways to calm your nerves and overcome public speaking fears.
• Other speech tips and techniques.
• A free email consultation with Dan Stevens or Sally Samuels.

• Bridal Showers To Remember eBook – Bride, Maid of Honor and Mother Of The Bride
• The Bachelorette Party eBook – Bride, Made of Honor and Mother Of The Bride
• Bachelor Party Ideas eBook – Groom and Best Man
• Unstoppable Confidence Program – All Categories

What Are People Saying About It?

Wedding Speech 4 U aims to be a personal speech writing aid, to give you anything from ideas and inspiration to the entire pre-written wedding speech. Most reviewers agreed that they learnt techniques on how to calm their nerves and how to boost their public speaking confidence. Many said they benefitted from the psychological aspect of simply knowing they had a guide to help them prepare.

Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels are professional speech writers and some people commented that their passion and knowledge is evident in Weddings Speech 4 U. With a simple format and, clear and detailed instructions many agreed that the course is very easy to follow.

Stevens and Samuels rightfully recognised that each speech should be relevant to each wedding role. Thus, the speeches are divided in different categories according to the role and users were not left with a nonspecific speech.

Even with categorised speeches, some users felt that the sample speeches felt too impersonal. While it is surely okay to use the pre-written speeches, Wedding Speech 4 U actually encourages you to use these speeches as examples and templates. You can use only the parts you identify with and like, and add in your own personal touches.

To break the ice, Wedding Speech 4 U contains many jokes and one-liners. Users felt some jokes were just too cheesy to repeat but that there were definitely some funny ones. Obviously, this is a question of personal tastes. My advice: if it’s not funny to you, just don’t repeat it.

Some reviewers highlighted that Wedding Speech 4 U offers more than just how to write a wedding speech. Stevens and Samuels coach you on how to connect with the other guests, how to include emotional triggers and how to be sincere amongst other things. Many users reported teary eyed guests at the end of their speeches.

Users would have liked more support services from Stevens and Samuels. Besides the free email consultation, there is no more interaction with the creators. Some people were doing this for the very first time and found themselves in the middle of the speech filled with questions. The website has a FAQ section but none of the questions are about writing speeches. The only direct contact is via “Suggestions and feedback”, but then you’re not promised an immediate answer or even an answer at all.

This is not a one day course. Some users complained that the course was time consuming especially with a wedding that is only days away. Yes, the course is heavy worded and there is a lot to go through. So I would suggest that if you are really interested in Wedding Speech 4 U, get it as soon as you can, giving yourself enough time to learn the course and write a great speech.

Wedding Speech 4 U is not exclusive to weddings. Some users applied the techniques they learnt to other public speaking events. One of the many mentions was that the course tremendously boosted self-confidence.

Is It A Scam?

Wedding Speech 4 U has received many favourable reviews. There are several testimonies of people who have bought and used the program to help craft a wedding speech. And although there are pre-written speeches included, most people wrote their own speeches following the course’s instructions and stated that the speeches were successful. I have not come across a review that labelled the course as a scam but at the same time this isn’t a miracle product that’s going to write a personalised wedding speech for you! If you’re willing to put the work in however, Wedding Speech 4 U is a useful tool.

Where To Buy And Download

You can purchase Wedding Speech 4 U from its official website. Your purchase includes a 60 day money guarantee – but you must buy from the official website in order to qualify for this. 

Do you have any questions or comments about Weeding Speech 4 U? Please post them in the comment thread below.

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