Wedding Speeches for All Review

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What is it… The Wedding Speeches for All eBook series is specially designed to give peace of mind and confidence to those worried about public speaking at a loved ones’ wedding ceremony. Acclaimed authors Belinda Hamilton and John Wilson have united to create this comprehensive package of step-by-step advice, which they claim can help anyone give an appropriately memorable, witty and moving speech on the big day. The manual draws upon time tested tips gathered from years of experience and professional advice from well-known public speakers to create several fool-proof speech templates designed to impress family and friends.

How does it work?

The digitally downloadable Wedding Speeches for All package includes expert guidance which can be tailored for all members of the wedding party. The manual extends speech advice specially dedicated for:

• Father of the Bride speeches
• Father of the Groom speeches
• Mother of the Bride speeches
• Mother of the Groom speeches
• Maid of Honour speeches
• Bride speeches
• Groom speeches
• Best Man speeches

Belinda Hamilton and John Wilson spent years researching at wedding seminars, talking to professional public speakers and conducting focus groups with those concerned about their own upcoming wedding speeches, in order to understand their specific needs and concerns. All this useful advice has gone directly into the manual so that making an enthralling speech need not be a nerve-wracking experience. The variety of customisable templates cover funny one-liners, exclusive wedding toasts, how to find the right personal anecdotes and simple advice on how to present the speech to a wide audience for those not used to public speaking.

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Is it a scam?

As with other popular eBooks, many of the reviews available online seem to be for promotional purposes only. However, a closer look to testimonials on individual lifestyle blogs and comments on wedding forums clearly shows that people have had success using the Wedding Speeches for All package. From those wanted to ensure that their speech was captivating throughout to those who wanted to tweak their existing speech to make it more humorous, it seems reviewers have all purchased the guide for a variety of different reasons.

Even with customers who didn’t feel that one of the many templates in the book was appropriate for them personally, it is commonly stated that the professional advice on public speaking in general is of the most worth. As the majority of people in their day-to-day lives may never again have to make such a speech in front of such a large audience, many reviewers have really appreciated the basic guides on presentation as a foundation for the content of their written speech. Even the psychological confidence boost of knowing they have Wedding Speeches for All to refer to and guide them has been significant for most.

Those looking to the package as an instant fix for all their wedding speech concerns may be disappointed that the templates cannot be seamlessly applied without customising them first. It is apparent from the reviews that at least some work, commitment and thought still needs to be applied before a quality speech can be produced. Although the one-liners, anecdotes and toasts have been professionally written, an essential personal touch is still required.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase The Weddings for All package from the official website.


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