Westinghouse WH7500E Review

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The gas powered Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator offers an impressive 7,500 watt output with a maximum output of 9,000 watts for both domestic and construction applications. The 420cc OHV (overhead valve) engine features both electric and manual start for maximum efficiency and the WH7500E also includes four 120-volt and one 120/240-volt twist outlet. The outlets are fully enclosed to ensure protection from the elements for outdoor purposes making this unit very versatile. The generator also uniquely features the Westinghouse’s Pulse-Flo muffler in order to reduce running noise making the unit ideal for use around the home during extreme weather conditions and power shortages. For maximum mobility the unit features never-flat tyre wheels and handles so that the unit can be easily transported for whatever power supply need.

Satisfied Westinghouse customers have been impressed at the ease at which the unit can supply multiple household appliances simultaneously during blackouts or emergencies. Other positive comments have referred to the fact the unit has a longer run time than other generators on the market, at 12 hours on a 6.6 gallon tank (at 50% load). Users have also been satisfied at the efficiency and design of the control panel and the features such as automatic low oil shut off and electrical overload protection. Customers without extensive prior knowledge of generators have also been pleased with the ease of assemblage and simplistic manual instructions. Overall, users have commented on how well-built the components and frame of the unit are and have been especially pleased with the durability of the unit.

The fact that the Westinghouse is fitted with a Pulse-Flo muffler has been received favourably by customers as running the unit does not cause a disturbance within the home or cause irritation in houses of close proximity. Other customers have also noticed that the WH7500E offers superior performance and wattage than other portable generator competitors but at a much lower price, making the unit great value for money and a useful investment.

On the whole, the perception of the Westinghouse WH7500E has been extremely positive in every aspect of the performance. The set-up and electric and manual start of the unit ensure that the unit can get to work immediately which is essential during household blackouts and power shortages in order to keep vital appliances such as fridge freezers and security systems running. This, coupled with the reliable and dependable power output and reasonable price set the Westinghouse WH7500E apart.

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