Wind Power Advantages

(1)  Free Energy 

Once you have a wind power system installed, the energy is free. Of course, the upfront cost of constructing a wind power system can be significant, and is generally more in relation to the capacity achieved, than the cost of an equivalent home solar power system.

(2)  Clean, Eco-Friendly Energy

The energy is produced with little or no impact on the  environment. A wind power system, when operating, produces very little pollution of any kind, no chemical, or heat pollution (the energy harnessed and produced was already present in the eco-system anyway); some sound pollution has been reported, but this can be minimized by good turbine design;  visual ‘pollution’ can be an issue, but not, generally, for domestic systems.

One important factor is that wind power electrical generation systems are much more ‘low tech’ than their solar power counterparts. They can, therefore, generally be constructed using traditional engineering materials and processes. Thus the carbon footprint and risk of chemical pollution involved in the manufacture and indeed maintenance of such systems is far lower than it is for those based on photovoltaic power cells (solar).

(3)  Energy is Most Abundant, when Most Needed 

This is a very significant advantage of wind. The energy available is usually most abundant at those very times when it is most needed, during the winter, and in rough weather. This is perhaps one reason why wind is generally chosen over solar for national ‘green’ energy production.

(4)  Wind generation is ideally suited to many environmental and climatic situations 

Wind energy is readily available near the coast, in the middle of large flat expanses of land, and on high ground, i.e. near the tops of mountain ranges – this means there’s plenty of cheap/cost-effective land to place wind turbines.

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