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What is it?

Chang Peng Joon’s Work From No Home is a digitally downloadable eBook system which claims to contain all you need to know about how to make easy money from successful internet marketing techniques. From beginner to advanced level, this guide aims to provide step-by-step advice on how to make the most of tried and tested money-making methods requiring only a laptop and an internet connection. The ultimate goal is to ensure that users are free to work at their own pace to establish an autonomous income by transforming traffic into sustainable sales.

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How does it work?

The author of Work From No Home, Chang Peng Joon, has used his expertise in economics, website building and internet sales to create a self professed easy-to-follow system guaranteed to help users generate sales on their own terms. By mastering online marketing, Chang Peng Joon went from a graduate to a highly respected Malaysian entrepreneur and the author of numerous other internet focused guides within just a few years. He is insistent that the manual does not require capital, an office or employees; simply a willingness to learn about different online markets, search engine optimisation (SEO) and general marketing techniques in order to attract consumers and profit.

In order to prove how successful Work From No Home is in establishing a reliable income within days, Chang Peng Joon put his 30 Day Action Plan into practice on a 4 week trip to the US. After setting up a new Clickbank account and following the 9 different modules which make up the eBook, he demonstrated how easy it is to make money, even just by leaving the system to its own devices. By the 29th day of his vacation, the test account brought in over $12,000 in sales, demonstrating to customers how simple it is to set up and maintain, even for novice internet users.

The structure of Work From No Home

Each of the 9 modules included in the manual outlines the basics of the topic before gradually advancing so that users can feel confident in grasping the techniques and further their businesses. The content layout of the eBook is as follows:

Picking Your Market: Highlights the various different online markets which can be used in order to make money; users are given great choice in where their own personal interest lies so making sales is fun.
Basics: Sets out general information and key principles of internet marketing for beginners. Also a useful refresher for advanced users.
Content Creation: Tips on how to make content stand out so that it attracts consumers. Also contains useful advice on SEO, keyword density, META tags, image ALT tags and offsite/onsite links.
SEO: Introduces and expands upon the concept of SEO in terms of successful marketing. Learn ways of ensuring certain products are always featured prominently on search engine results pages.
Post Penguin Tips
Backlinking: Information on how to use content-based linking and forums and blog commenting to your advantage.
Standout Techniques: Tips on how to differentiate the content from the rest of the market so as to draw consumers in to make the purchase.
30 Day Action Plan: A useful timescale of instructions to start making money ASAP. This is the schedule Chang Peng Joon used during his time in the US.
Outsourcing: Advice on how to find sustainable ways to keep the system going so that the business becomes automated. This is ideal for those already with a full-time or part-time job.

Within this module are 7 further sub-modules:

• My Theory on Outsourcing
• Outsourcing in Action
• My Outsourcing System
• Finding People For Your Projects
• Using Elance
• Hiring a Virtual Assistant
• Tips and Tricks For Speedy Outsourcing

Lastly, the comprehensive manual includes a final section filled with a selection of prepared templates to make the learning process simple. Instead of just providing the training, the ‘Done For You Templates’ addition means that users can get started by inserting all the information provided into their website without having to worry if they are going wrong.

Bonus Material

In addition to the eBook manual, upon purchase customers are entitled to access 70 downloadable campaigns to save on the workload, a selection of prepared graphics, website templates, PLR articles and more additional content on the exclusive members’ only section of the official website.

Is it a scam?

Like many popular products which promise customers the opportunity to make real money from home, there are many seemingly promotional reviews and testimonials online which rant about the benefits of Work From No Home. However, from genuine blog posts and online forums it is clear that those sincerely looking for ways to make money in their own time have been impressed with the extent of the expertise and support offered by the programme, as well as the impressive success rate. Given the huge number of money-making scams and ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the internet, many commenters have been pleasantly surprised with the genuine results of the system.

Who is it designed for?

Looking to the types of people who have given the product positive reviews, it is apparent that those who have got the most out of Work From No Home are homemakers, those with kids to look after, part-time workers and students. Whilst the system is intended for use by all types of people, it seems that it is particularly well-suited to those with a bit more free time as a source of alternative income. That said, there are of course commenters who hold down full-time jobs whilst maintaining their profit so as to afford luxury items to supplement their lifestyle.

Is it for both beginners and experts?

The majority of those who have left the most positive reviews appear to be relatively new to the concept of internet marketing. These reviewers have been especially pleased with the basic, easily comprehensible language which is used throughout the manual, making it a ‘fool-proof guide’ which can be put into practice by just about anyone – provided they own a laptop and internet connection. Whereas the manual is also marketed by Chang Peng Joon as being applicable to advanced internet users as well, it appears that Work From No Home is most effective for those with limited knowledge of internet marketing who wish to educate themselves on how to make money in the comfort of their own home.

Work From No Home is an attractive product to those who are sceptical of advanced ‘software’ which promises to make money for customers without them having to lift a finger. Users have enjoyed the fact that the eBook package consists only of techniques and advice which can be mastered and built upon, rather than a downloadable computer programme which works autonomously. Many have used the system as a springboard to advance their knowledge further and some have even established full-time businesses from getting hooked off of the simplicity of Chang Peng Joon’s manual.

Advanced internet users have expressed concern that as the Work From No Home eBook, having been released in 2012, is already outdated in today’s fast-paced age of technology. Those with extensive knowledge of the system on forums have highlighted that as the manual is based on content-related training, techniques regarding specifically to the Google search algorithm updates are not necessary. Therefore, the programme contains ‘evergreen’ information which is continually relevant, even in light of future search engine updates.

How much effort does it require?

Those looking to Work From No Home as an instant way to make thousands per month without putting in the requisite effort will be disappointed. Based on the reviews, it is clear that setting up the Clickbank account and putting into place the techniques which generate traffic and sales takes significant time and patience. Chang Peng Joon does make it clear in both his US case study and manual that after some time the system will become autonomous and create income by itself.

However, it must be emphasised that in order to get the programme up and running, users must be prepared to read the manual from cover to cover and commit to putting in the groundwork to make money. As Chang Peng Joon makes clear in his videoed case study to the US, making the first sale is always the hardest and after this, increasing profit becomes easier.

Where to Buy and Download

Those interested in using the digitally downloadable Work From No Home eBook as a way to generate a sustainable income can purchase the programme from the official website. The instantly available PDF file can be read on smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or printed off in hard copy format so that it can be accessible anywhere. After purchase, customers are also given exclusive access to more additional digital content which is found on the members’ only area of the site.

In order to benefit from the full money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase you must purchase from the official website.

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