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What Is It?

Mike Whitfield was an overweight man who really wanted to shed the fat, build muscle and be a healthier and fitter person. In his twenties small tasks started to become more difficult and he became disgusted with how much he’d let himself go. Mike states that he tried every workout plan but it rarely ever worked. And if it did, he had weight loss in the early days but then the scale just levelled off and refused to budge lower. Now, he was not only battling weight loss but also the dreaded weight loss plateau until he discovered metabolic stacking. This new weight loss method resulted in 105 pounds of fat loss and a total of 14 inches trimmed from his waistline.

Mike created Workout Finishers based on metabolic stacking. This method involves four variables: Density, Active Recovery, Strategic Rest Periods and High Volume Using Unique Set And Rep Schemes. These four variables work in tandem to increase fat loss and build muscle.

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Buyer Reviews

The first thing Mike notes about Workout Finishers is that metabolic stacking is hard to do. It is not popular amongst trainers because once people try it, very few continue. So obviously, this is a program which will require much dedication, focus and sweat. Reviewers agree. If it wasn’t for the expected results, they would have quit very early in the program. One reviewer described it as brutal.

Metabolic stacking requires the use of all four variables in your exercise regimen. If you don’t include all variables you won’t get the best results.

Density training is taking your normal exercise period and fitting in as much exercise as possible in that amount of time. This means less rest periods or no rest periods at all.

Active Recovery involves using your rest periods to keep your muscles going; such as holding a squat position during your rest period.

Sometimes you can push your body too far, you need to allow it some form of rest at certain points; this is called Strategic Rest Periods. But this rest period is not about lying down on the floor, it may be lifting relatively light dumbbells after a high intensity workout. So you’re still working a body part but it is not high intensity.

And lastly, High Volume Using Unique Set And Rep Schemes adds range and layers to your workout by changing up the types of sets and number of reps for a specific workout.

Workout Finishers also relies on the phenomenon known as muscle confusion. Professional trainers have long said that muscle confusion is the best way to build muscles and keep in shape. An article written by Men’s Fitness Magazine states that muscle confusion “yields significant results”. So what is muscle confusion? It is the practice of regularly alternating your exercise routines so that your body does not get accustomed to one form and exercise. Without muscle confusion, an unchanged exercise routine will become less effective as times goes on. Most trainers believe that this is the point where your weight plateaus. Constantly changing up the exercise should remedy this. In Workout Finishers, the four components are always interchanged for a new combination.

Reviewers saw results within weeks. Many said the quick results kept them going, despite the program being one of the toughest they ever endured. Reviewers also said sluggish feelings were gone, giving way to increased energy levels.

Mike promised that anyone who did Workout Finishers would fall in love with exercising. That did not seem to be true with most reviewers. It was after all, hard work. What they fell in love with was the continued weight loss.

There were some people who simply could not finish the program. It proved to be too much.

Diet is not spoken about much in Workout Finishers but reviewers pointed out that their change of diet was a crucial part in realising their weight loss goals. More guidance on this would have made Workout Finishers a better program.

Workout Finishers can be used with other workout programs. In fact, Mike encourages this. Some reviewers did a session of Workout Finishers after their first exercise routine. Others did a week or two of Workout Finishers, and then alternated to another weight loss program.

Workout Finishers purports to help people achieve their weight loss goals without cardio. While cardio is great for losing weight, there are other weight loss methods so this is not impossible as he makes it sound.

Is It A Scam?

Unfortunately, there is no escaping exercise if you want to lose fat and build muscle. Exercising, and doing it daily, is not an easy task else everyone would be happy to do it and would do it often! It is something that will always require effort and the bigger the weight loss goal, the more effort is required.

Workout Finishers offers a new spin on an old but accepted method of muscle confusion. Routines will vary and they are designed to push you to the limits. Due to the high intensity level of Workout Finishers, it is not suitable for everyone especially people who suffer from respiratory or bone ailments. So do consider your body’s current condition before commencing. However, based on the principles employed and reviewers’ results Workout Finishers delivers results.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Workout Finishers from the official website.

What’s Included?

Your purchase of Workout Finishers includes:

• Component 1 – Density Finishers
• Component 2 – Metabolic Circuit Finishers
• Component 3 – Ladder Finishers
• Component 4 – Gauntlet Finishers
• Component 5 – Superset Finishers
• Component 6 – Finishers Exercise Library

Plus these bonuses:

• 10 Upper Body Finishers
• 10 Lower Body Finishers
• Metabolic Chaos 4 Week Program
• Finishers Aggression 7 Day Workout System
• 7 Day Crank Start Done For You Meal Plans
• Finishers Lifestyle And Nutrition Plan
• Finisher Express 21 Minute Full Body Workouts

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