Worx WG708 Review

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The WORX WG708 electric lawn mower features a 17-inch wide deck and 13-amp motor, and offers a 3-in-1 system for cutting options. Choose between mulching, bagging or discharging the grass clippings. On the bagging mode, the clippings are collected in a hard-topped bag (with a capacity of 1.4 bushels) which is easily detachable and transportable for compost or later disposal. It is conveniently fitted with an indicator to display when the bag is full and needs emptying.

For the desired finish on the lawn, or depending on the conditions, the cutting height can be adjusted by a single lever.

There are 6 options for height, from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches. This WORX model has an easy start-up, operated at the push of a button and features a safety lock button that prevents accidental starts.

The ergonomic handle is enclosed in foam to decrease strain on the wrists, and is designed to fold down for compact storage.

Weighing only 35 pounds, this WG708 mower is lightweight and suitable for users that dislike physical exertion!

Buyer Reviews

Customers of the WORX WG708 were impressed with the power and efficiency. Many commented on how quickly the mower cuts grass, despite its small size. The fact that it is electric is a huge advantage, avoiding the noise/pollution that comes with conventional fuelling.

The mower runs quietly, some users compare the sound to that of a vacuum cleaner, which is much less disturbing than many gas-powered machines!

The cutting height is easily adjustable, and does not require any additional tools, allowing you to create the desired finish on your lawn.

Because it is made predominantly from plastic, there is no risk of rusting which makes it easy to maintain and to clean.

The blades are most effective on flat, fine grass; some people have had trouble when the grass is overgrown or particularly uneven.

Customers have sometimes been surprised at the small size of this mower, something to bear in mind. Also, the electric cord is really only suitable for smaller yards, that are within short distance of an electric outlet – many users have had to buy extension cables in order to reach the furthest area for cutting.

Overall, this WORX WG708 mower is an economic, lightweight and easy-to-operate model that is ideal for smaller yards. We scored the machine 4 out of a possible 5 stars, check the Amazon link to the left for the latest prices.

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