Xelerated Warcraft Guides Review

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What is it?

The variety of X-Elerated Warcraft Guides are designed to enable avid World of Warcraft gamers to maximise their in-game experience without spending hours trying to level-up, earn gold or master their profession. These additional add-ons can be downloaded and managed by the X-Elerated Client feature which automatically updates the game instantly. The electronic guides take the form of specialised tips and tricks which pop up during gameplay so that players avoid the use of cheats or bots which may breach Blizzard’s Terms of Service. Gamers looking to enhance World of Warcraft can choose from Levelling Guides, Talent Guides, Professions Guides, Gold Guides and Daily Quest Guides.

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Buyer Reviews

Potential consumers on blogs looking to the X-Elerated official site and other affiliated pages have found a great number of positive testimonials and YouTube reviews from satisfied customers, making them keen for a genuine assessment of the Warcraft Guides. Looking to just some of the many specially dedicated World of Warcraft online communities and gamer forums, it can be gleaned that most users have been impressed with the easy-to-follow content found within the add-ons which has helped them to improve their gaming experience to varying levels of success.

It is worth noting that the majority of the reviewers who have gained the most from the guides have been relatively new to the game so have therefore used all the instructions as means to enhance their skill and technique. As the guides consist merely of instructions on how to level-up, increase gold and maximise profession rather than software cheats, many of the advanced gamers reported that the guides presented a thorough platform for entry-level players to improve upon. However, the advanced gamers themselves felt that some of the guides included information already known to experienced Warcraft players and was therefore not worth it for those who had been playing WoW for a number of years.

That said, skilled players did acknowledge that the guides were useful prior to the release of a new World of Warcraft expansion. As the updated guides are released the same day as the expansions, the add-ons are often available even before the patches. This means that gamers can instantly receive instruction on the new quests and gaming additions, without having to spend hours figuring it out for themselves. As existing users receive free lifetime updates, there is no need to make additional payments as soon as a new expansion is released, a bonus which many reviewers found especially attractive.

Many reviewers noticed that the X-Elerated guides contained much of the tips and tricks already available for free on official World of Warcraft forums and fan sites. Although the in-game instructions were reportedly effective, users that were familiar with forums and affiliated sites found that the majority of the information was easily discoverable albeit sometimes not all in one place.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, customers must purchase the X-Elerated Warcraft Guides from the official website.

How do the add-ons work?

With over 7.8 million subscribers as of 2013 according to Gamespot.com, World of Warcraft is the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game to date (MMORPG). Since its creation in 1994, WOW has grossed over $10 billion making it the highest grossing video game of all time (Wikipedia).

Considering its popularity, many players are eager to find ways of making the game more enjoyable. As regular players are aware, creating a profession for their avatar and progressing through the various levels takes considerable time, dedication and skill. The X-Elerated Guides consist of step-by-step in-game instructions without the use of hacking or cheats which may result in being banned from the game. The add-ons also work smoothly on all operating systems, servers and expansions and are created specifically ‘lightweight’ so that they do not slow down gamers’ computers.

X-Elerated’s range of add-ons used by 75,000 World of Warcraft gamers each day include:

• Levelling Guides: The in-game 1-90 add-on helps users reach level 90 in record time via Navigational Waypoint arrows, step-by-step quest instructions, a model view showing how to target the NPC and an Auto-Accept Quest function.
• Talent Guides: The Talent add-on spends talent points on behalf of gamers to create the best build for their characters.
• Professions Guides: Helps to max-out professions.
• Gold Guides: This add-on helps users to generate endless amounts of gold for stress-free gaming. X-Elerated Guides are confident that the autopilot feature can produce up to 20,000g per day by finding profitable items on the server. This guide is applicable to gamers of all classes and levels.
• Daily Quest Guides: Using this add-on helps users exult all factions almost immediately to earn extra items, enchants, rare mounts and additional gold.

In addition to automatic access to the enhanced in-game guides and exclusive members’ area of the X-Elerated website, upon purchase gamers also receive a free Mount Guideautomatic installation to the X-Elerated Client feature and free lifetime updates for any new Blizzard expansions, including the recently announced Warlords of Draenor. All customers are entitled to 24 hour technical support from the X-Elerated team.

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