Yeast Infection No More Review

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What is it?

Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More digitally downloadable eBook programme claims to guarantee to start curing all symptoms of candida fungal growth within just 12 hours. Allen asserts that by targeting the root cause of the infection, persistent yeast infection sufferers following the system can permanently rid their bodies of candida for good, whether their condition is mild or severe, in 30-60 days. She claims that by taking a holistic approach to the infection, sufferers can obtain relief by addressing their internal pH environment without the need of expensive antibiotics, herbal supplements, alternative therapies and Chinese medicines.

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How does it work?

Yeast Infection No More’s author Linda Allen is a certified nutrition specialist, health consultant and medical researcher, as well as a former chronic yeast infection sufferer. Linda spent 12 years studying medical journals and scientific reports in order to identify the root cause of her systemic candida albicans infection which had spread to all parts of her body. When antibiotics prescriptions, massage, acupuncture and other conventional medicinal techniques failed to cure her symptoms permanently, she realised that in order to rid the body of candida infection a combination of factors had to be addressed in order to restore health from within.

Based on this discovery, Linda Allen developed 5 key principles which are enshrined within the programme:

1. Anti-fungal drugs make the infection worse as they focus only on the external symptoms and not the internal cause
2. Topical fungal creams and probiotics only mask the symptoms
3. There is a strong link between diet and yeast infections, however tackling diet alone will not cure the infection permanently; all major contributors must be tackled
4. Candida yeast infections are not just a localised problem, but representative of a wider internal imbalance
5. Identify the main causes of yeast infections and adopt a multi-dimensional approach to regaining heath, encompassing diet, vitamin supplements, emotional and psychological factors.

Linda Allen is confident that Yeast Infection No More is the only holistic system in existence with a 100% success rate backed by 35,000 hours of medical research.

What symptoms is Yeast Infection No More designed to cure?

• Vaginal and penile genital yeast infections
• Digestive disorders and allergies
• Mood swings and depression
• Skin rashes
• Loss of energy
• Headaches and migraines
• Fungal infections in fingernails and toenails
• Athlete’s Foot
• Mouth and throat fungal infections
• Kidney and bladder yeast infections

What techniques are included in the programme?

• The 5 Step Yeast Infection No More Anti-Candida Infection System
• The secret 100% natural supplement to take daily for instant results
• The ‘Cardinal Sin’ of yeast infections
• How to cleanse heavy metals from the body
• The most potent way to ensure your organs eliminate all signs of yeast infection
• How to accurately diagnose candida infections using CDSA, live cell microscopy, immune assays, antigen levels and a Symptom Score questionnaire to do at home
• The Quick Result Mini Programme for those who are too busy to implement all the lifestyle modifications
• How to eliminate mouth and nail infections within 2 days
• The 7 Day parasite tackling regime
• The connection between physical exercise and yeast infections
• How to address the internal acid/alkaline pH balance
• How to reduce stress and become emotionally balanced

Bonus Material

In addition to receiving the Yeast Infection No More eBook manual, customers are free to access a selection of bonus eBooks: The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures, How to Be Your Own Doctor and the Healing Power of Water, all of which are written by professional hygienists and doctors. Customers are also entitled to free lifetime updates and free, one-on-one counselling with Linda Allen for 3 months.

Is it a scam?

It is easy to be wary of alternative approaches to curing medical conditions, especially when they are promoted online. Many chronic sufferers of yeast infections are often desperate for solutions to their disabling symptoms and therefore willing to try anything, even in place of conventional medicine. Several dedicated forums and online communities for those with persistent yeast infections have recognised this, but at the same time acknowledged that Yeast Infection No More has significantly alleviated their symptoms, whether digestive, vaginal or dermatological.

Buyer Reviews

It must be said that tackling candida fungal growth with traditional home remedies is not a new concept. Many commenters have had success with tea tree oil, probiotic natural yoghurt and changing their diets in reducing their symptoms. However, many of those who had purchased Linda Allen’s programme praised the system as collating and condensing all this information so as to distinguish the natural, effective cures from the useless ‘Old Wives’ Tales’. This, combined with the easy-to-follow format of the manual which comes complete with informative diagrams, resulted in a very positive review from most bloggers.

Who is it for?

It is certainly clear that those with systemic, total-body yeast infections have had the most success using Yeast Infection No More. By tackling the internal environment holistically, many users have stated that their bacteria levels have been harmonised so that symptoms have completely disappeared. However, those who have reported suffering from localised infections once or twice a year have said dealing with the infection using traditional over-the-counter topical creams and pessaries is preferable to adopting the system. This is because the programme’s holistic focus means making lifestyle changes which may be difficult to implement and maintain for those only suffer from mild symptoms occasionally.

Some reviewers have even stated that they have adopted the system in conjunction with antibiotic prescriptions from their doctor for the most effective protection against candida fungal growth, despite the fact that conventional medicines are criticised by Linda Allen in the eBook.

Further benefits of Yeast Infection No More

In addition to helping to eradicate the symptoms of yeast infections, some customers have noted extra health benefits from applying the programme in its entirety. Part of the system focuses on dietary changes and physical exercise, therefore those who have previously led unhealthy lifestyles have stated that Yeast Infection No More has also helped them to lose weight and feel a new sense of vitality in their everyday lives. It can therefore be said that the programme not only addresses the imbalance of candida within the body, but also helps sufferers to take control of their health and ward off infection in whatever form it may take.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to benefit from the 60 day full money back guarantee, customers must purchase the Yeast Infection No More eBook from the official website.

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