ZOX Pro Training Review

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What is it?

ZOX Pro Training is a programme that claims to help people increase their reading speed. The official website claims that this training can help with many areas of your life including:

• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Stress reduction
• Time management
• Focus and concentration
• Accelerated learning
• Communication skills

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Buyer Reviews

The online reviews for ZOX Pro Training are extremely positive. Some of these reviews are on the official website, and so we can assume they are for promotional purposes. However, even on the independent forums, many people are confirming the claimed benefits of ZOX. Many reviewers agreed that the course has improved their memory and ability to recall information and those who previously had a slow reading speed, seemed to benefit most from learning to speed read. The majority of happy reviewers seem to be from students and those in research, where the ability to take in a lot of information is essential in their daily lives. It’s worth pointing out that these customers may see more benefits quicker due to the fact they are putting their techniques into practice regularly.

Many reviewers noted that they were able to concentrate and focus more easily after the course, and in particular this helped those cope with diagnoses such as ADHD.

The biggest complaint amongst reviewers or potential customers was the price of this course. Many felt they couldn’t justify parting with the money but those that did said that it was a worthwhile investment, even if it felt steep at the time. Some people mentioned that there are free exercises and tutorials online for speed reading and general brain exercises but no where did I find anyone who had tried and reviewed both.

Is it a scam?

A common misconception, and thus the source of many people’s accusations that this programme is a ‘scam’, is the implication that this course is going to make you super intelligent. I use the word implication because reviews on the forums seemed to suggest that the official website claimed this, but nowhere could I find this. The only over the top seemingly exaggerated claim on the official website is that following this programme will enable you to ‘upload over 25,000 words a minute, with 90-100% retention for life’. The choice of the word upload here has been interrupted by reviewers to mean read, and therefore has been dubbed unrealistic. In a nutshell, embarking on a speed reading course is not suddenly going to raise your IQ, or turn you into a superhuman like the guy from Limitless, but by improving your learning techniques, it is possible that you can achieve more success in academia and other sectors.

The ZOX Pro Training Programme claims to teach you how to have a photographic memory, but does this exist and if so can you learn this? In an article in Scientific American, Professor of psychology Alan Searleman explains that a photographic, or eidetic, memory does exist but explains that it is more common among children. He claims that research shows almost no adults have been proven to have this type of memory and in general we have little information on how and why it occurs in some people and not others. Professor Searleman states that his personal belief is that an eidetic memory cannot be taught but this opinion is not backed up by research. Is ZOX going to allow you to mentally take photos of countless books, and pick out the information instantaneously like a personal library? This is doubtful, but to some extent this course will enable you to tap into your photographic memory, even if you’re not a text book eidetic learner.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase the ZOX Pro Training from the official website.

How does it work?

The official website explains that this programme teaches you to Mentally Photograph books by accessing your photographic memory.

The programme includes:

• 8 Modules
• 3 Action Bonuses
• Excel Training Segments (via email)

Once you have registered, you will be able to log into the website and complete the course at your own pace.

Who is it for?

Although a speed reading course might seem more relevant for students or those in research, the official website states that ZOXing can help a variety of people including:

Professionals and Executives: get through reports quicker so you have more free time and gain more confidence by remembering all the facts.
Technicians: No need to have a manual open during work. Zoxing can help you store all this information in your brain so you can work faster.
Fire fighters, Police, Military, Doctors, Problem Solvers: Recall previous cases and data instantaneously so you can make informed decisions quickly.
Families: Store your calendar and lists in your head so you can stay organised without forgetting anything important.
Students: Spend less time revising for exams or researching for essays.

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