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World of Warcraft is an addictive game played by hundreds of people online but there are many avid players who suck at figuring out a strategy to advance them from one level to the next and there are also players who love the endgame but rather skip the journey.

John Cook and his team created Zygor Guides to help gamers enhance their World of Warcraft experience by teaching them how to get the most out of every aspect of the game, which is probably why Zygor Guides are one of World of Warcraft’s most popular guides (according to the promotional website).

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The Zygor Guides:

1. Leveling and Loremaster – promises to guide you through level 1 to 90 in the least amount of time possible.
• Will automatically direct you on your best move.
• Travel System to point out the best and fastest course and transportation to reach your goal.
• Talent Advisor will help you pick the best talents and learn about them quickly.
• Learn how to become a Loremaster.

2. Professions and Achievements – will teach you how to become a master in a profession and make lots of money while at it.
• Master the crafts needed to become an expert in a profession.
Use Blizzard’s approved way of making gold.
• Achieve the same results whether you buy recipe materials or farm them.
• Quickest way to rack up achievements and bragging rights.

3. Dailies and Events – the best way to enjoy the journey and amass riches quickly, with quests on gaining gold and discovering rare items.
• Level 90 is not the end, discover quests where you can find rare items and plentiful gold, and continue to build your reputation.
Get help with all 12 major World of Warcraft events.

4. Pets and Mounts – obtain pets, mounts and even minions to journey along with you.
• Gain your choice of over 100 vanity pets.
• Obtain rare and spectacular mounts.
• See all the information on your opponent’s pet in non-combat pet battles.

5. Dungeons and Gear – learn the fighting techniques of dungeon bosses and get the best gear with the gear finder.
• Reveal every dungeon boss strategy to always be a step ahead.
Step by step route directions and instructions.
• Gear finder will find the most suitable gear for your class and level.

6. Titles, Reputation and Macros – get noticed and revered with over 35 different titles.
• Gain many titles and receive respect and even more bragging rights.
• Learn about macros and how to get them as well as how to make your own.

What Are People Saying About It?

John Cook has built a fine reputation in the online gaming industry. Those who have contacted him for more information on his guides have always reported friendly conversations. Cook also voices all his videos. There are gamers that have actually stated that Cook’s upfront and friendly disposition and apparent belief in his products have swayed them to purchase the guides.

Installing Zygor Guides are very simple because it is an automated process. And unlike some other World of Warcraft Guides, these are in-game guides. Therefore, no heavy reading and flipping between a PDF and the game screen are necessary.

Many agreed that the Zygor Guides’ interface does not interrupt the gaming experience. At your discretion, it can be resized, moved to a different screen location, minimised to display the quest’s title in the order you should complete them and you can also control how opaque or transparent it appears on the screen.

Some gamers really liked Zygor Guide’s Talent Advisor, which is perfect for gamers when levelling a new class. The Talent Advisor will suggest the best possible build for your current level and instruct you on what you should do with your talent points to gain your best advantage. Some gamers have argued the necessity of the Talent Advisor because the games now come with their own instructions on how best to place talent points. Nevertheless, this does not negate the fact that many agreed that Zygor Guides’ make it a no-brainer process especially for novice gamers.

Zygor Guides add-ons take up quite a bit of memory. For those with systems that can handle the extra load, then you won’t notice much of a difference. But for those who can’t, it won’t be the best gaming experience. Some gamers said they disabled it before entering dungeons or battlegrounds.

There is no guess work with Zygor Guides, the program actually points out the objects and places to you. If you need to go up stairs, it will point out which one. The program also clearly shows you what’s coming ahead and the steps you should take to get the most out of your current situation and make an easier path for you in the next level. For example, in their Dungeons and Gear Guide, there is a gear finder that will direct you to the best gear upgrade available after it has scanned your gears and those in the dungeons.

Some gamers complained about the cost of the guides, as they found it prohibitive. However, Zygor Guides are still cheaper than most of its competitors.

Some gamers, who prefer the organic experience, disapproved of Zygor Guides in general. They felt that being directed on where to go and what to do was too meddlesome. So obviously, if you are someone who prefers finding and discovering World of Warcraft on your own, Zygor Guides aren’t for you. Yet, there are still some gamers who are in the middle and prefer help in some areas and the organic experience in others. With a simple click Zygor Guides can be put on or disabled.

The support network received positive feedback from gamers. They were able to send their queries and have them answered in a timely manner as well as take part in discussions in the community forums.

There are still a few bugs within the guides but to be honest, bugs are commonplace in all software programs. There is a built in bug reporting feature and Cook and his team claim to be consistently repairing both reported and unreported bugs to deliver great products.

Zygor Guides are also constantly updated. Gamers have come to rely on this and they have not been disappointed so far. With every new revision and change to World of Warcraft, Cook and his team have followed promptly with updated Zygor Guides. For added convenience, these are automatic updates.

Is It A Scam?

Zygor Guides have provided World of Warcraft gamers with guides for several years and have earned a great reputation. The interface is very streamlined, unobtrusive and easy to understand. Zygor Guides are very detailed and accurate with step by step instructions on all aspects of World of Warcraft ensuring that your progression through the game is smooth, simple and enjoyable. Despite a few glitches with bugs, gamers have generally endorsed Zygor Guides.

And if you’re still unsure, Zygor Guides provides a limited free trail in a guide of your choosing.

Where To Buy And Download?

When you purchase any of the Zygor Guides from its official website, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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