NextGen Paid Surveys Review

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What is it?

NextGen Paid Surveys is a service which allows users to earn money by undertaking online market research for Fortune 500 companies such as HP, eBay and Amazon. NextGen takes advantage of the fact that all major consumer businesses and corporations need an insight into the needs of their target markets and the easiest way to do so is by quantitative and qualitative research. Users need only a computer and an internet connection to choose and complete a selection of surveys from over 200 different companies. NetGen’s founder Jason Webb is confident that by consistently selecting suitable surveys, users can expect to generate $1,157 per week.

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Buyer Reviews

Looking to the available online reviews by NextGen Paid Surveys customers, it is clear that many people are interested in supplementing their income with paid market research. As only a computer and an internet connection are required in order to complete the surveys, NextGen has been popular with working parents, students and retirees looking to earn some extra cash conveniently from home.

In terms of whether NextGen Paid Surveys stays true to the promises advertised in its promotional material, the reviews are not overly positive. Although Jason Webb is assured in approximating that users can make up to $1,157, users have reported that this figure is grossly overestimated. Those who are experienced in survey-based market research have estimated that realistic figures per survey can be anywhere in between $5 to $25 usually. This has led many users to feel disappointed in the actual returns.

However, others have still felt that the regular income, even if it is less than originally promised, is still beneficial in enhancing an existing income. Many have commented they have been satisfied by NextGen Paid Surveys because of how easy it is to achieve and sustain.

On the whole, commenters have felt satisfied with the choice of surveys available. However, the promotional material does not mention that a good number of the companies require demographic criteria in order to participate, i.e. surveyed consumers need to satisfy specific gender, age, nationality or occupation requirements. Some reviewers have felt misled by this added threshold when applying to undertake the surveys, as this step significantly hampers the process in terms of making instant money.

Additionally, the NextGen Paid Surveys website also omits the fact that some companies have a minimum pay-out of $25-50. This means that customers must do as many surveys for that particular client to reach the minimum threshold before they are able to withdraw their earnings. Due to the fact that some surveys require certain criteria, users have found it quite difficult to satisfy the minimum pay-out and have had to do numerous surveys before they get paid.

Is it a scam?

Many online reviews point to the fact that as a rule, consumers needn’t pay for the right to partake in surveys, even if it is a one-off membership fee. This has caused many potential users to question the legitimacy of the service and whether or not it may be a scam. It is clear that NextGen Paid Surveys aims to collate all the major Fortune 500 companies’ market research needs onto one site, but other competitors offer the same service with absolutely no cost at all.

Although most reviewers have been generally satisfied with the number and variety of surveys offered by the site, it is apparent that the cost associated with joining NextGen has put many potential users off who are not prepared to run the risk.

Where to buy and download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase NextGen Paid Surveys membership from the official website.

How does it work?

NextGen Paid Surveys operates by requiring its users to pay a one-off membership fee in order to gain lifetime unlimited access to the members’ only area. This area is home to a variety of surveys from over 200 companies, including the world’s largest corporations and all surveys are free to participate in. As the purpose of the website is simply to list all of the available market research opportunities, there is no specialised software to download.

Surveys vary in subject, length and requirements. Some may involve testing out a recent version of a company website or app, whereas others may require users to answer questions upon their shopping or lifestyle habits. Jason Webb is confident that users can expect to receive $5-$75 per survey and payment is completed by the third party company via cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

More about market research

Gaining accurate market research is a vital part of modern business strategy, as big corporations need to be aware of what their target consumers want and need. According to Wikipedia, market research originated officially during the 20’s when advertisers began to grasp the importance of demographics in the sponsorship of different radio shows. Today, market research is tightly integrated into the business world and market research specialists made a combined profit of $15,639 million in Europe alone in 2012.

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