Penny Stock Egghead Review

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What is it?

Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead is an online service which sends out tips on potentially profitable penny stocks. Subscribers to the newsletter are given one penny stock hint which has passed an analytical market test each week and therefore get to decide whether to invest via their preferred trading software platform. Due to the unpredictable nature of these securities, these suggestions are designed to eliminate uncertainty and make the most from small companies which are financially on the rise.

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Should you be sceptical?

Due to the high risk of the penny stock market, many potential traders are understandably concerned that any service which makes such lofty financial claims must not be legitimate. Nathan Gold explicitly promises that all users can make 1,150% gains on their investments which, in turn, can be transformed into millions of dollars. Clearly, such exaggerated guarantees cannot be fulfilled in all instances, especially since the penny market itself is so unreliable and also subject to stock promoter manipulation and many ‘pump and dump’ schemes.

Reviewers who are clued up on the way in which the penny stock market works will immediately recognise these claims as being unobtainable for most users. This is compounded by the fact that since the 2008 global economic recession, there is far less liquidity and many more small companies are struggling rather than growing.

Buyer Reviews

Those who are new to penny stock trading have reported on blogs and financial forums that they have appreciated the simplicity of the service. It does not involve reading an extensive eBook training programme or downloading a large software file, as users are merely given investment suggestions rather than taught how to expertly trade. Many of these reviewers have also been satisfied with the quality of the penny stock tips they have received, stating that the majority have increased in share value at least a noticeable amount.

This also has a downside, as many have noted that they are disappointed that the service does not actually teach anything, instead it just gives the information to implement at the discretion of the user. This appears to be fine for novices, but not for those who want to make a sustainable income from penny stock trading.

Many subscribers have felt misled by Penny Stock Egghead’s promotional material as it emphasises that the service is 100% risk free. This is strictly untrue as users must make an initial deposit in order to start trading and if the share price of a penny stock drops the deposit is obviously rendered worthless. Customers should not expect to pay the initial subscription fee and then earn instant money without any other pay-out.

Where to Buy and Download

You must sign up for the weekly penny stock tips at the Penny Stock Egghead official website in order to qualify for the 60 day money-back guarantee.

How does Penny Stock Egghead work?

The Penny Stock Egghead online subscription service is premised on the fact that if emerging penny stocks can be correctly identified and quickly invested in, those in the know can make significant profits. Nathan Gold emphasises how he started off in the penny stock market by investing $1,000 which accumulated over time into his personal fortune of $5.7 million. He has purportedly used his experience and success to let both beginner and advanced penny stock traders in on his weekly stock picks which he predicts will make money in as little as two weeks.

Nathan Gold is clear that roughly 97.32% of penny stocks are worthless so in order to determine which stocks have real investment potential, he runs a strict analytical test or the ‘Gold’s Gauntlet’. This is a 17 point test using Gold’s market expertise and due diligence to test the stock’s strength and likely returns. Those who are unsure of making the initial investment according to Gold’s advice are invited to test out the ‘Paper Trading’ feature which allows users to track the price of real penny picks first before making any deposit.

The service does not include a training programme, lengthy eBook manual or a software download; therefore users are free to use their preferred trading platform to make the suggested investment. Each weekly newsletter with the latest penny stock is sent out to subscribers every Thursday or Friday.

More about Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are security shares in small public companies which trade below $5 (Wikipedia). These can be traded on the OTC Bulletin Board or via Pink Sheets and are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Due to the low cost of these stocks, their value is innately volatile and therefore hugely risky for potential investors. Ordinarily, investors trust in the S&P 500 in order to trade as only ‘blue-chip’ stock from the largest corporations is included. However, Nathan Gold, a self-appointed penny stock expert, is confident that using his knowledge of the market, he can help to identify up and coming penny stocks which are soon to hugely increase in price.


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