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The brainchild of digital marketers, Kevin Green and Chris Moran, Sonic List Builder is a program designed to build and increase your email list. For the latest promotional offers, please visit the official website.

Email lists provide internet marketers with a direct link to customers, and are thus very valuable assets. It is something most internet marketers fail to put into action from the start but scramble to build when they realize its importance.

Sonic List Builder automates the process of building email lists for your email marketing endeavours.

Sonic List Builder 4 Steps:

1. A “How To Video” on what Sonic List Builder is, what it promises and how to set it up.
2. An auto response account with a company called Get Response. This company will automate your email messages, allowing you to send bulk emails to your subscribers. This is part of a 30 day free trial, a perfect opportunity for you to test everything and get an idea of the kind of results you should expect.
3. The Activate Button. With a click of this button, Sonic List Builder will create an opt in page, also called a squeeze page. This is a fully automated process.
4. The last step is setting up a distribution network, or rather your backlink networks. Backlinks will be created to help your opt in pages be as visible as possible on search engines.

What Are People Saying About It?

The traditional method of reaching customers was through advertising. This cost quite a bit of money, taking up a huge percentage of the budget. For new companies, this was crippling. The birth of email marketing saw a tumble in advertising costs. Companies had a direct link to the consumer, without the middle man and its expensive fees.

But as much as people understood how necessary an email list was, not many people knew how to go about building one. Sonic List Builder was one of the many programs that provided a solution to this problem. But its results made it one of the best.

For novice internet marketers, this was a dream. Easy to set up and to a very large extent, an automated process. Taking out all the guesswork out of a seemingly complicated task of email list building.

In addition, you won’t need a new website, which means you won’t need hosting. This eliminates recurring costs.

Reviewers saw success within the first few days. And as the days went on, their email list subscribers increased and through no huge effort on their part.

Sonic List Builder generates more than one opt in/squeeze page. At least one per day. So there is much potential for exponentially increasing your email lists. Do note that the amount of pages created varies with the plan chosen.

This program comes with a lot of upsells. And it appears that to get the most out of Sonic List builder, you will need to purchase at least some of these. This was a source of contention for some reviewers. But do remember, you do not have to buy every upsell. Study what they give and whether they add value to you or not. Only then should you decide how much you are willing to invest in email marketing and by extension, your products.

Sonic List builder does not guarantee sales of your product. Of course, having a large email list raises your chances of making a sale but the sales marketing part is solely up to you. Several reviewers recommended having a solid marketing plan before you even sign up for Sonic List Builder. So that when you have garnered an email list, you are fully prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity and have a greater probability of realising sales.

Is It A Scam?

For many reviewers, Sonic List Builder produced an email list of subscribers. Did everyone experience really great numbers? No. However, I haven’t come across anyone who claimed that they received no hits and no email contacts. In fact, everyone reported added subscribers within the first few days. Therefore, Sonic List Builder is the type of program that you will just have to try out for yourself. And the developers make this possible with a $7 dollar special. For only $7, you will gain access and assess Sonic List Builder for yourself.

Another point to underscore is that Sonic List Builder is an email list tool. Nothing more. The sales copy, the sales letter, the sales marketing, the products you sell are all up to you. And regardless of how many subscribers you may receive, a subpar product will not sell well. A solid knowledge of marketing and a good product are highly recommended. Only then will you truly reap the benefits of Sonic List Builder.

Where To Buy

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Sonic List Builder  from its official website. For one low single payment, you will receive instant access to the product.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave comments about the product in the comment thread below.

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